Candidates find creating jobs in Wisconsin might be challenging.

Mary Burke found the task so gruelling that she allowed a campaign consultant to copy text from other gubernatorial plans across the nation word for word.

Scott Walker found the task so daunting that his first campaign claim to create 250,000 jobs in our state earned a “broken” label from Politifact who credits him with only 102,195 jobs in his term.

Cindy’s guide to creating jobs is pretty simple: Politicians don’t create jobs. The best they can do is get the hell out of the way.

Here are a few other thoughts I’ve had on this jobs dance:

–Burke touted her job plan so she can’t pretend it wasn’t hers:

–I’m not scrounging up links, but I swear that the state GOP gave Burke heck for months for not creating a jobs plan, and then when hers came out, her campaign pointed to Walker’s and laughed for a few days because hers was longer than his.

In June Burke said:

“In 2010, Governor Walker laid out his jobs plan,” says Burke, who touts her own business experience as an executive at Trek Bicycle Corp. “It was four pages long. And if you took out the pictures of himself, it was more like two. Frankly, I’ve seen eighth grade term papers that have more work put into them.”

Burke’s verbose (and now we know plagiarized) plan is more than 35 pages long. (P.S. That’s a copy of of the plan in question from the MJS website.)

–Finally, take care when watching the numbers and percentages quoted. One of the reasons the percentage of change lags behind that of other states is because Wisconsin has a relatively stable economy. Our jobs increase isn’t as large as Michigan’s because the initial decrease wasn’t so harsh. Wisconsin doesn’t ride the boom/bust cycles of the oil states or automotive manufacturing. The BLS has us at 17th with a rate of 5.6 for August 2014. That’s in the nation’s top 20 – or to keep it easy, the top half of employment. That’s pretty much going to happen no matter the governor.

They want your soul, those silly campaigns. Be smarter than the numbers they toss at you.

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