Deadline Looms for Nonpartisan Elections

Remember when I told you that YOU are the only perfect candidate? Well reconsider that idea, because it’s time to submit your nomination papers for local offices in Wisconsin.

While I’m pretty sure the concept of nonpartisan in this state only survives on paper and rarely in practice, I’m also sure that nothing will complete your resume like holding a local office. Check with your municipality and school district to determine if there’s an opportunity for you to serve. So many local races go uncontested, and that’s a shame. Local politics is the most important version of our governing system. Your potential for influence is much larger in a local environment. You need to consider it.

The spring election is April 7, 2015. To be on the ballot, one must submit signatures by 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, January 6th. What better way to spend time with friends and neighbors over the holidays than to hustle them for support?

Once you decide to run, call your local clerk or school board secretary. There’s at least one form to fill out declaring candidacy before you obtain signatures. The Government Accountability Board has a webpage designed to help you out with the details, but I’ve always found the local clerks to be helpful.

Besides the local election, the spring will also bring another statewide race for Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice. Ann Walsh Bradley is running for a third ten-year term. One opponent, James Daley from Rock County, has made his intent. If only these two file then no primary will be necessary.

Oh, and about that nonpartisan thing. Expect anything but from the Justice election. Bradley shores up the left minority on the court. Daley will be running to increase the right-sided majority. It’s going to be more of the same, Wisconsin style. While the parties won’t declare one way or another, you can bet the usual suspects will be loudly harping on the subject. Ok. Maybe even this one. ;)


Yes I took a little break after the election. Post-mortems can be fun, but I just wasn’t much in the mood. Perhaps our dear governor’s lack of loyalty to serving his position had something to do with that.

Nonetheless, I was gently nudged to get back to the keyboard. It’s probably good for me. In the next few weeks I’ll talk about Walker the Presidential Wannabe, how I divvy up my charitable giving with a few ideas for you, and we absolutely must get around to Barrett’s most desirable streetcar plan.

It’s always something.

Cross posted at Purple Wisconsin.

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