Barack Obama, the selfie president

I got myself into trouble on Twitter last night with this comment:

In case you missed it, this is the latest presidential selfie:

Can you imagine German Chancellor Angela Merkel popping a selfing from the back of her limo? Me either. Of course, there’s also this to consider:

Putin is out there skinning tigers with his bare hands and this is what we’re doing.

I think I need more than 140 characters to explain this one.

The terrorist attack on 9/11/2001 created an immediate reaction in me. I knew our country would never be the same. Indeed, the changes that have taken place since that time make parts of our lives pre-9/11 unrecognizable. Flying, for one. Privacy, for another.

I felt the same gut response last night when I saw that photo. America is forever diminished by that moment of self-indulgence by our President and Vice President. Tweeting a photo labeled “pals” trivializes the two offices to the point where America will never be the same. Our President and Vice President don’t consider their roles important enough to act with decorum. They are behaving like a high school date headed to prom. Doesn’t that discourage you?

Someone argued the Boston bombing a year ago was more discouraging that a selfie photo. I will concede I had the same mind-numbing response when I saw swat teams entering private homes with their guns drawn under the guise of public safety; when I saw an entire community willing to undergo house arrest without questioning the reason. Yes. That bothered me, too, to watch Americans surrender their liberty to authority where none actually existed.

One of my favorite musicals is Sweet Charity. The play also provides a very important question: What will you be doing the moment your rights disappear?

Chances are now that our President will be tweeting a selfie when you are asked to surrender your liberty.

Doesn’t that discourage you?

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