Almost ready

I’m working on pictures today so they will be mine. If you have anything you think I should use, let me know.

Spent a lovely three days in southern Florida this last weekend. Watching the Pack win on an outdoor patio was a highlight. This coming weekend I’m off to visit a friend in Arizona where we’ll do a bit of spelunking (which is a joke, of course) at Kartchner Caverns near Tucson. Someone told me that Tucson is dark because of the big telescopes in the area, so now I’m thinking we need to see if one of those is open to the public.

Keep in touch and let me know the direction you want to go here. I know some of you really enjoy the Brookfield angle. Is there anything else you want added?


  1. People are probably referencing the telescopes at Kitt Peak Observatory.

    Open daily and evenings for observations.

  2. Thanks!