City of Brookfield condemns Calhoun Road parcels

In a world of winner take all, the City of Brookfield used its “police powers” to ultimately close about 31 of the 75 to 77 parcels required for Calhoun Road’s widening, according to City Engineer Jeff Chase.

“About 31 parcels were closed through an award of damages,” Chase detailed. Usually only about 5% of the parcels required ultimately use this procedure, he further explained. “This one was closer to 50%.”

The City of Brookfield recently sent press releases indicating all of the parcels have been acquired for the project. No information was given to highlight that so many pieces of right of way used the bully method to complete.

Chase explained that the full cost of the project right of way will not be known for some time. Owners have two years to determine the need for litigation and litigation can stretch the timeline even more.

Also troubling this project is the city’s demand for secrecy. Many admit that certain city offices have started e-mailing information to them labeled “Confidential.” Violating such a label could cause the representative to be punished by peers according to gag legislation written and passed a couple of years ago.


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