1/15 City of Brookfield Common Council Agenda

You can read along here.

Last week city staff held a public information meeting on the very tall, very dense, office building slated for Moorland and Greenfield. Call that meeting reconnaissance for tonight’s public hearing. Traditionally staff takes community concerns, wraps them up in a tidy package, and markets those concerns as positive spin for the project.

On the one hand, this rezoning doesn’t back into residential housing like so many have before; on the the other, the planning doesn’t support a PDD in this area. PDD’s are traditionally used in Targeted Intervention Areas. The neighborhood plan, done in 2001, doesn’t even show the corner as part of the study. Of course that hasn’t stopped Mayor Jeff Speaker from pushing his staff to argue the building as a “gateway” that’s an important entrance to our community. (Or coloring the area in as part of the TIA in recent city propaganda.)

My take? When the Council finally gets this in a couple of weeks, it needs to go back to the drawing board. If they want it that badly, then amend the neighborhood plan to support the density.

One of these days the Mayor will meet his match in one of these aggressive rezonings. I can’t wait to be in the crowd.

A second rezoning issue is to give the Village area disaster known as Brookfield Junction a change in type. There’ll be more residential with the second addition. At least one 5th district alderman, where the project resides, has apologized repeatedly for the mistake he made in approving this tall, out-of-place building. Chances are we’ll hear him talk out of both sides of his mouth tonight.

Also on tonight’s agenda is the Council vote to give City Hall a new facade for $1,025,566. Yep, another million just flew out of your pockets, folks. The facade is the brain child of Director of Administration Dean Marquardt and one of his pet projects for the next year.

Rounding out the evening is a heck of a surprise if you follow the inside scoop: 7th District Alderperson Lisa Mellone is receiving a mayoral appointment to the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau. Insider? Nah, not yet. But she’s definitely playing an interesting game.

Me? It’s book club – my woohoo! monthly meeting that I can attend now that I’m not elected. The book is The Summer Guest by Justin Cronin. A little twist and some moderate hanky-panky kept this read on track. I wonder how long we’ll actually discuss the book tonight?


  1. BrkfldDad says:

    Brookfield Junction… they want to build a new residential structure to the east of the current one? Cindy, is it just me or is the existing building something like 90% vacant. There’s the insurance office and from what I can tell driving by at night, over and over again I might add, it looks like maybe two units are leased/sold as residential based on lights in use. Why would they want to build another, when they must be losing their shirt on the first?

  2. I remember reading where they’ve told city staff that they are leased.

    Here are the minutes: http://cityofbrookfield.com/archives/33/PC%2001-07-2008%20min.pdf

    There’s a serious parking issue with Phase II that I had forgotten. I wonder if it will be resolved or if the Mayor will support a gimme.

  3. BrkfldDad says:

    You could have knocked me over with a feather on that one. I still can’t believe that Phase I is 100% leased, that building looks empty and shows no activity at all.