Voting Smarter

Hurry up, folks. We only have ten more months or so to decide on a President. Actually, the Wisconsin primary is Tuesday, February 19th.

How in the world are reasonable people supposed to make a decision when every two minutes there’s news that sounds too unbelievable to be true? Ready your defenses. If you really want information, it’s out there.

The spouse brought home a flyer from last week. A director from the group was the speaker at his Rotary luncheon downtown. Did you know this many people were running for President of the United States? The organization also collects statements of position from candidates that are willing to participate. As you might suspect, none of the front-running candidates were allowed to provide content. Their spin doctors said it wasn’t wise.

Another Web site that offers a cut to the chase is Right now there’s more on the Republicans because they are beating each other up more. When the Democrats hit a hot state, they’ll be at the top of the articles.

Rule of thumb: if it sounds unbelievable, it probably is untrue. No political candidate fills out the forms thinking they’ll be able to hide a skeleton in a closet. People that make it to the race, local or national, know the risk of public scrutiny. No serious contender would run for President if they belonged to a radical white-hating church. It’s the stuff the other side can make up about you that’s deadly.

Especially a week before the election.

Senator John McCain certainly knows that as fact. He’s off to South Carolina where a political mastermind (not always a good thing) labeled his adopted black daughter as “illegitimate” in order to scare prejudiced southern voters. Eight years later, McCain preempted the story with a small information campaign of his own.

It gives me a little hope to see someone fight back like McCain is doing. It’s very personal to me, since I had something similar happen, and one of the reasons I enjoy seeing McCain gather steam for the nomination.

How else might one consider choosing a candidate? Quizzes abound on the internet. But I know a lot of you pretty well, and I’m betting you’ve already made up your mind.

Just be sure the words you use to support your candidate or diminish another will bring honor to you on Judgment Day.

More to come: radio talk show hosts may be missing the mark this election, and are we moving towards the middle?


  1. I’m afraid that I won’t be able to vote for either a Democrat or a Republican for President. There is no one that I feel represents my views. I don’t think there is a real conservative running that has any chance of getting the nomination or winning. It’s a sad state of affairs for the public, but we get what we think we want…hollow promises and more government.