Brookfield Mayor won’t tolerate public art

But a bronzed “grandpa” reading to a child might do. How does a community maintain any sense of class when the leadership obviously lacks that very quality?

In question is the desire of Brookfield’s Friends of the Public Library to highlight a reasonably valuable piece of abstract art the facility owns. Not so fast declares Mayor Jeff Speaker and his sidekick Plan Commissioner Paul Wartman. (Wartman’s wife is the President of Elmbrook School District’s Board of Education.) This public art thing obviously has its limits.

Restoring and relocating the sculpture Unfolding Red by Guido Brink has been a goal for about three years if I remember correctly. I know it was a part of the discussions when I was on the library board 2004 – 2006. The group has already successfully managed to highlight another piece, Icarus by glass artist Paul J. Yank, which is located in the main library lobby.

Do you think public art elevates a community’s image? When that art is paid for and maintained with private funds, do you think it belongs in public view?