Timing is everything

No, I didn’t know BrookfieldNOW would be adding a new blogger. Yes, I am thrilled to be out of there before it becomes political mayhem.

The latest addition once told me, “I just lost to a dead guy” in response to his 2004 defeat as alderman. His opponent had verbally withdrawn from the race, but still managed to beat our new blogger. Now he’s on the page a few weeks before a re-match – he’s running again for his old seat against Ron Balzer in the 3rd district.

Expect a direct feed from City Hall. Council President Steve Ponto personally recruited the old (and one may reiterate defeated) guard to run again this season. Previously defeated candidates are running in the 1st, 3rd, and 7th districts. One declined to register from the 6th, although he picked up papers. The establishment maintains a strong hold in the central 4th and 5th. The 2nd district looks to be the city’s most interesting race. One establishment member is running against another and a third outsider has been tossed in for fun. This is an extremely independent district, so it’s anyone’s guess as to who wins the race.

It’s a fight to the finish for the folks of Brookfield – old guard versus new. The first round is Tuesday, February 19th when the 1st and 2nd districts hold primaries alongside the U.S. presidential contest.


  1. It’s really hard for the average person to track down positions that the old guard took on issues. Do you have any recommendations as to how one can go about it? It would seem like defeated incumbent candidates would fade gracefully into oblivion, but it seems like many who serve do so for the power that it gives them. Schellinger is the perfect example of cronyism and hanging on at all costs! For many people it’s really not about “serving the public”. They have their own agenda and the public votes for a name they heard before, and that’s the problem with democratic voting…lack of being informed!

  2. That’s a really good question. I’ll work something up and post it early next week.

  3. BrkfldDad says:

    I just posted it on his new blog, but a thought occurred… As a candidate for elected office, can he run a ‘free’ blog supported by brookfieldnow.com and not run afoul of campaign finance and media ‘equal time’ issues? Something isn’t passing the sniff test…

  4. Does Jack Shaw expect to last very long on his BrookfieldNow blog, while running for alderman, with all the equal time laws in place for candidates running for office?
    Wait until Mayor Speaker discovers this.


  5. Jack and the Mayor are buds, so I doubt it bothers Jeff very much that his friend is getting free support from the Journal folks.