Can you say McCain/Huckabee?

I can.

And just maybe it makes a comeback possible after defamation.


  1. McCain – yes

    Huckabee? Whoa…do they want people to vote for Clinton/Obama?

  2. Shawn Matson says:

    Just the duo to leave us in Iraq for, and I quote, “100 more years!”

  3. I can’t say either without a sick feeling in my heart. Neither of them is a conservative in the real meaning of the word. McCain is a social liberal and Huckabee is a financial liberal. I think both of them like to get in bed with hideous liberal Democrats and make deals. I can’t see how it will be possible to vote for President in November with a clear conscience unless you want more government control in our lives.

  4. Kyle Prast says:

    I’m with El gato. Please don’t make me say it either. I really don’t know which one I dislike the most–McCain who has been such an obstructionist, not to mention the co-creator of McCain/Feingold, or Huckabee who is far from a conservative.

  5. McCain I can take. Huckabee – no way. Neither of them is a true believer. If McCain wins the nomination, he HAS TO pick a true conservative for the VP spot or the election will be over because the party faithful will have stayed home.

  6. Shawn Matson says:

    Because McCain-Feingold was so horrible…

  7. Considering that McCain is one of the staunchest allies of President Bush in the War in Iraq, and Huckabee brings his religion into almost every conversation in his campaign…I personally don’t understand why Republicans wouldn’t simply LOVE these fellas.

    It’s just scary on my end because, as a young individual, I wouldn’t want to see my friends still fighting in Iraq when they turn 30. I also wouldn’t want to hear the whole “I prayed and spoke to God last night” speeches either.

  8. Fred Keller says:

    Cin feels sooo powerful when she deletes reader comments.

    “My opinion is the only one that matters, unless you agree with me. Sad, little person…

  9. Not sure what that was about, folks. Guess we’ll find out in time.

  10. I’d like to suggest that as a “young individual” Greg take the time to read the history of Islam and see that their goal is world domination under Sharia law. That means “goodbye democracy”! You may not be willing to fight for your freedom, but this is a 1400 year war that has its lulls and is now in an active phase again. It’s fight, die, or be enslaved. Knowledge is power young fella!

  11. Oh, Mr/Ms Gato, I’m more than happy to fight for my freedom, as I’m sure 99.9% of my youthful friends are.

    But see, now we go back to the whole debate: Did Saddam declare war on us? Did Saddam do the horrible things September 11th? What exactly DID Saddam do?

    If I’m not mistaken, it was terrorists that did the worst event in American history, and the War on Terror (Afghanistan) is hopefully taking care of business and eliminating these enemies of America.

    Did I say I was against war? Absolutely not. But we need to re-analyze what’s the right battle(s) and what’s not. What say you?