Take a minute and watch this

Bill Clinton appears a little, well, unrested this campaign season. Read more about it on the New York Post site.

Quick! What are the ways you can keep this from happening to you? I know one mistake he made; he put his chin in his hand. That’s a no-no if you are drowsy.

PS Thanks to a reader for the tip!


  1. Shawn Matson says:

    Did you post the video of Cheney falling asleep in cabinet meetings?

  2. No, but if you send me the link, I just might!

  3. Oh, oh! Appears as if we have a Clinton lover onboard! Why is the answer to any exposure of a liberal doing something dumb or wrong to say “Oh ya? Well he’s doing it too!” Two wrongs don’t make a right in my book! Liberals never address the wrongs…they just put out their red herrings.

  4. Put the claws back in, El Gato. He gets an opinion, too.

    I posted it because it was that day’s news. Send me stuff on both sides and we’ll mull it over together.


  5. I just like to call people on it when they try to cover a “boo-boo” up by pointing out someone else’s behavior. I want them to address the issue without trying to gloss it over. I just had a manicure, so I stand by my comments as justified. BTW…he didn’t express an opinion.

  6. Shawn Matson says:

    I’m not a Clinton lover in the slightest. El Gato just loves to assume things. I have been spreading the Clinton video, too.

    Plus, the Cheney video is arguably more hilarious.

    And I would argue that the Vice President of the United States falling asleep at a cabinet briefing is a little more “wrong” than a Former President falling asleep at a sermon.

    Here’s one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JBFvPDlCkJ0

  7. No need to argue.

    What I was hoping to spur was an idea of how to keep this from happening to you! Come on, you’re a college kid. Any tips?