What’s up

I’m just a wee bit behind in blogland. I am currently enjoying the free WiFi from the crowded Phoenix Sky Harbor airport. Free airport WiFi is another way I’m beginning to measure a city’s investment in economic development.

The other way of validating a community is professional sports teams. Yes, it was sad. I wonder if anyone has ever measured productivity after the big games? The water cooler will be busy today.

I’ve been down here visiting a former City of Brookfield staffer. I am fortunate to be bringing home 25 lbs. of citrus from the trees in the backyard! I’m also very fortunate to have this gal as a friend. We barely breath as we discuss the national, state and local political landscapes. Although we’ve always stood on the opposite ends of the political spectrum, I think it’s fair to say that we’ve learned a lot from each other over the years. I’ll be incorporating some of our discussion for this week’s post.

Tonight’s Brookfield Plan Commission will start the public process on two areas of planning. First to cost you taxpayers is the Northwest Corner plan. The area was annexed a couple of years ago. It’s complicated, and I need to dig a bit to get the latest on this area. The Town of Brookfield and sewer assessments are involved here.

The 2030 plan makes a first-time appearance in Brookfield. We all know how effective our 2020 plan is right now. It’s something to see them go at it again. By the way, I signed up as an interested member of the community from the City’s Web site. I wonder if they’ll call?

I’m going to finish a book on the plane. My kids bought it for me for Christmas. I hope like heck they didn’t know the plot…it’s a little racier than I usually venture for a read.

Stay warm. –Cindy