No vote expected tonight (Update)

BrookfieldNOW is reporting that there will be a vote on the high school facilities tonight.

“Elmbrook board to vote on high school plan
The Elmbrook School Board will vote tonight on whether or not to send a high school facilities plan to referendum in the April 1 election.”

The agenda shows the facility question as well as the Open Enrollment issue for discussion only. They can’t vote on it since there wasn’t proper notice.

The facilities motion is expected February 12th. I can’t find an expected date for the Open Enrollment decision.

Update – Well so much for trusting the material on the school district’s Web site. The link placed on the front page for last night’s agenda was to the January 8th agenda, not last night’s.

You won’t fool me again Mr. Smith!

By the way, the agenda they hid was here. I’m still voting no. We’ll have lots to talk about in the next few weeks. Heck maybe even the next post!