Copyright, here I come

We’re going to settle this issue once and for all. I’ve been selected to participate in the new on-line copyright registration program. I’ll be sending this site and $35 to the government. In return, when goofy people reprint all of my material, I can now sue for damages that include attorney’s fees.

This blog is not free for the taking.

Just thought that a couple of people should know.


  1. Two questions – how’d you get selected and what is the process for something like this (i.e. blog)? I’ve bean meaning to register some photography, and I understand how that works, but do you have to send them every post?

  2. I’m not sure how I was chosen. Maybe it was the series of questions I answered for this application:

    It’s still more complicated than I’d like, but I have one creep that seems to like to pull and reprint content, so I guess I need to do it.

    I’m still looking into the blog aspect. There are several avenues and I need to narrow it down.

  3. Shawn Matson says:

    I talked about that page a few months ago. The Algaiers AKA Glen Algaier put in $3,000 for Mitt Romney.

    I recognize a few other names.

  4. If it’s someone scraping the blog and wholesale re-posting on theirs, then good luck. If you know who it is and can demonstrate that it isn’t fair use, then it might help.

  5. You _paid_ for a copyright of written material?

    Since 1998, material created by someone in written form is automatically copyright protected.

  6. Patrick – not yet. (By the way, it is such an enormous honor to have BadgerBlogger here!)

    It is automatically protected regardless of notice, etc. What doesn’t happen by right is the ability to be reimbursed for attorneys fees, court costs and receive punitive damages when pursuing the matter. Only “actual” loss of “profit” costs are allowed if the content isn’t filed. Profit isn’t something we have much of in the blogosphere.

    I have one jerk that has reprinted my entire blog twice and continues to reprint whole articles. It’s getting a little old. This way I figure I can submit my work that he is likely to steal as part of a collection – $35 every three months or so – and hit it hard if he ever does it again.

    Who knows, maybe he’ll ride off into the sunset soon and it won’t be a problem anymore.

  7. Derek – reposting a whole piece of work is NEVER fair use!

  8. True that, fair use requires more than just wholesale reprinting.

    Patrick – Yes, copyright is automatically granted on all work produced, registered copyright is not. One of the benefits of registration is proof of authorship.

    If I shoot a picture and some one uses it in an unauthorized manner, as Cindy notes, I can only recover actual losses and I have to prove I took it. If it’s registered proof is there and if you can prove willful infringement you can recover a lot more than just losses.

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