Elmbrook high schools facility site to be revamped

I’ve spent a few minutes copying all of the HSST/Next Step minutes. The remodel will start this afternoon according to Andy Smith, Director of Communications for the Elmbrook School District. (He verified the earlier link to the wrong agenda, too.)

What we’re going to hear from the district:

How the team separated wants vs. needs. My take? Not quite. The niceties, including extra classrooms to accommodate non-resident enrollment, are still there. By the way, the board dumped primary team assumptions and moved on their own.

How the core facilities need improvement. This is the age old problem of neglect that was identified a year ago. Since then, upgrades have been made for security and infrastructure. I wonder how honest those fact sheets will be on this one?

How we HAVE to do it now or it’s going to get even more expensive. Not true at all. I do believe interest rates dropped in the last year. Who’s to say the fed rate won’t be 1% again someday? Remember, financing almost equaled the construction costs from the last referendum attempt.

Are you ready for the next round of insults to taxpayer intelligence?


  1. Larry Knetzger says:

    Hi Cindy, our new high school plan once again just floors me. We are looking at spending $ 100,000,000 dollars for “Cutting Edge Classrooms” as one of the administrators or the Steering teem stated. It reminds me of the teenie bopper coming home and telling Mom and Dad, ok, I will revise my request for having a car to drive to school instead of having to take the school bus. I will give up the leather seats, but want a gps unit now, you wouldn’t want me to get lost along the way would you. And of course the hybrid model thats coming out now instead of the other one we talked about a few months ago, but I will also give up the white wall tires.

    Just imagine Cindy the hell we could raise with all the other school districts in the area now that we have “cutting edge,air conditioned class rooms” and are now the ones to be competed against. Why we could solicit all kinds of outside students and have me and you pay for their education as well. No wonder they want more capacity. Would you want your child to go to a school that does not have “cutting edge classrooms”.

    Oh , something just hit me right between the eyes, the rest of our system does not have cutting edge classrooms, do you think Mr. Gibson has further plans to help those students that have not been educated in a cutting edge classroom. Got to bring the rest of the buildings up to speed I guess.