Elmbrook sends referendum to vote

Check a previous update – the fine communications leader from Elmbrook had linked to a previous agenda yesterday from the Elmbrook site, and that agenda had the issue as discussion. The paper copies that the press had were accurate. I’m sorry and I won’t let it happen again.

So, the board voted to send $62.2 million to the voters. Never mind that a group worked months and suggested $60 million. Never mind that same group suggest a smaller maximum enrollment and no outside residents. The school board, in their omniscient wisdom, set aside a study they paid thousands for and increased the enrollment numbers. (Imagine the well-known board member whine here: “It’s only two million more…”)

The board did exactly what one would expect from a group of lackluster leaders. They built “consensus” (What is it with that word? This time it was used by President Meg Wartman.) on the board for a proposal that probably will be rejected yet again.

No. Nope. Nada. Nyet.

Timing: Downturn in the economy; a slip in housing value. Need: continuing outside enrollment; increasing square footage to accommodate non-resident students; air conditioning; huge new athletic facilities. Remember, the last we heard Central had not been able to pay back the loan for their new football field.

Spin: it’s coming folks. Remember everything we learned last time. Prepare for dozens of false “fact sheets” as before. I still have them all. So many of them were – I’ll be nice here – inaccurate.

As always, the district continues to preach to the choir and cost taxpayers tens of thousands in the process. I guess it’s time to rally. We watched their process. It failed taxpayers. We’re going to have to make another go of it.

We’ll have company. Several other districts are looking at referendums again this April. Turnout could be higher since the state is send the Frankenstein Veto legislation to the voters. Area aldermanic candidates will need to court these referendum voters.

Darn, this is fun.