Brookfield East comments on Mike Sprinkel

Yes, the youngest had Mike (Michael) Sprinkel last year for a teacher. True to her kind nature, her first concern as she told me the details was, “Mom, he has a wife and two little girls. That’s got to be awful.” I reminded her that you’re still innocent until proven guilty. There’s plenty that we don’t know. Pray for his wife and kids and (oh, I’m being the mom here) go study for finals.

We really don’t know much. It looks like the district wants to keep it that way. The final paragraph from yesterday’s mailing:

“Finally, concerning day-to-day happenings at school, please know that the teaching staff has been instructed that this matter is not to be raised as a point of discussion with parents or students in any circumstance. As such, we ask that you discuss the content of this letter with your child, helping him/her to process this news while at the same time discouraging speculation or rumor.”

Here’s the New Orleans account of the incident through the Associated Press. It looks like this guy was caught in the same sting operation.

The youngest assured me that she’d never (nor had any of her friends) felt uncomfortable in Sprinkel’s classroom. Her general statement was that he could be weird, but some teachers just are. I don’t think we’ll be hearing of any student contact but you never know.


  1. I had a history class with Sprinkel for exactly one day – I’m not a girl, but I just got the most horrible vibe from him, so I took it as an independent study effective that day.

  2. Interesting you’d plop this comment up now.

    My kids told me they ran into him at Costco the other day, so he’s around here somewhere.

  3. links don’t work…???
    Nevermind….did a google search after I saw the blog date.

  4. what ever happened with his case?

  5. I never figured it out. Anyone else know?

  6. Two teachers were notoriously fired from Elmbrook during my time there.

    The first one was Mike Sprinkel. After he was extradited to Louisiana, I heard nothing about what had happened to him. Louisiana doesn’t have a public records search like Wisconsin’s, so getting his case file would mean filing an open records request. I heard multiple rumors that he hired a fancy lawyer who was able to get him out of the charges he faced, and now he’s out free. Again, only rumors.

    The other teacher was one I personally had, by the name of Jared Heckencamp. He downloaded child porn, the authorities tapped his internet connection, gathered evidence, and raided his home. He ended up pleading guilty and is now a registered sex offender. A name that was once prominent on many class schedules can now be seen at I noticed he changed his appearance.