Don’t expect much coverage on the local election

Sadly, suburban editor Bruce Gill of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel had a severe health situation several weeks ago. It’s left the Waukesha MJS outpost without its most trusted leader. That combined with the recent retirement/ buyouts that went through about the same time stranded suburban coverage.

It won’t be getting better anytime soon. The inside rumor is that local elections won’t be covered. The local weekly insert papers should handle the load.

So…if you’re a candidate, court your local paper reporter. If you’re a voter, look beyond the usual sources for news. I’ve heard that the Waukesha Freeman may be picking up some of the slack. A reporter there has begun to schedule interviews. The Freeman does not offer free online content, though. You must subscribe to read the full stories.

Guess you’ll just have to check out the blogs a little more often to get the inside scoop. I may try to do some interviews as well.