More on McCain

Rumor has it that a certain right-winged psyche is faltering in his adoration of Rudy Giuliani. (What drew him in the first place? The co-membership in Wife-of-the-Decade club?) The airwaves now pronounce the “conservative’s conservative” adoration for certain McCain issues.

Timely considering the hit he’s taking for missing the mark on the primaries. MJS Political writer Tim Cuprisin said, “the talkers were uncharacteristically out of sync with Republican voters in the first two contests” in an article a couple of weeks ago.

Are they out of sync in general?

I’m beginning to think so. I’m putting some research together to support my theory that the far-right maybe too far-gone to please the majority of voters that describe themselves as Republican. I suspect many are now declaring themselves as Independent. (Your’s truly teeters on this issue.)

It’s one of the reasons I give McCain a chance. If it’s true that there’s a shift to the middle – like 1980 and Ronald Regan – then maybe McCain can sweep up the centrist votes and leave more polarizing figures (Clinton/Obama) isolated. Don’t shoot the messenger, I’m just thinking out loud here.


  1. Shawn Matson says:

    The only interesting general election could be Obama vs. McCain because they both have a chance and they both draw independents.

    (And i’d disagree that Obama is polarizing.)

    If McCain doesn’t win the nomination, I can’t see any possible way of a Republican winning.

    If it’s Clinton vs. McCain I think she wins. To me, McCain is the only R who isn’t a clown. He can be taken seriously.