The fickle business of blogging

You sweat buckets getting your site coded properly. You scour articles for the latest on the Google algorithms so that you’ll feel the love of the search engines. You work to protect your content. You build relationships with other bloggers.

And then, one day you wake up, check your hit numbers, and realize you’ve arrived. The clouds clear, the birds chirp (Ok, not really, they’d be frozen), and you hear the Hallelujah chorus.

I was so nervous about the break from the NOW sites, but I don’t think I have to be anymore. I really like not having anyone edit (as in botch to fit the column space) my work for the paper. I really like moving into the rest of the blogosphere. (NOW bloggers are just a wee bit ignored by the big guys.) I am really grateful that so many of you seem to have followed to the new location. (I can tell now that there are different readers, not just one obsessed City of Brookfield alderman hitting refresh a thousand times a day.)

So, what’s to talk about today? A letter from Brookfield East regarding one possibly perverted personnel. A little driving discussion I had with my friend from Arizona on ticket match ups for President/Vice President. A warning to local candidates about media coverage this campaign season. Plus, any of a dozen things that pop up in the day.

Hey, it’s too cold to do much of anything else!


  1. I was waiting for something from you on the Brookfield East teacher. I thought your kids went to school there.