Great moments in blogging

Well, that title is a little over zealous, but I thought I’d share the excitement of the last 24 hours.

First, and to my great surprise, I’ve been blogrolled! Oh, I know, it’s not exactly like watching the Packers win, but to a new blogger in the big pond, it’s so cool! You’ll see the list on the lower right. If all goes well, it will grow again sometime in the future. You’ll also notice that this list is from both sides of the Wisconsin blogosphere. I think that’s how you learn – filter through things and make your own decision.

Next, the much revered googlebot found me. Whew. No, really. It’s a very big deal to have managed a first page response in under two weeks. I won’t even begin to attribute skill, I think I was persistent, thorough, and darn lucky.


Anyone notice it’s cold outside? I do believe that will keep me at the computer again today. (Except for the long trip to the grocery store that is required. I have to decide which one to go to first – the shopping list doesn’t declare an obvious winner this week. Do you do that? Pick a store according to what’s on the list?) Expect posts to be a little more chatty. There are no pressing matters on the local agendas, no news from our friends at the MJS.

I have an e-mail from Elmbrook Board President Meg Wartman to share. I might need to start explaining a little thing that’s going on in Franklin. (Still need to talk about liquor licenses and the Buckhorn accident, too.) Finally, I have to get to the discussion of P/vP tickets!

Let the blogging begin…