The trouble with Kevin Fischer

I’ve been debating between a long version and a short version, but I think this is going to be really long. I’ve fairly warned you.

Kevin Fischer is a community blogger on FranklinNOW . He’s also a state aide to Senator Mary Lazich, (R-New Berlin). Lazich also blogs on that and all of the sites in areas she represents. Fischer fills in for talk radio, does a tv thing, is kind of a one man show.

He also has an incredibly short temper. The lefties have pretty much labeled him a right-wing nutcase. The far right falls all over him. The rest of us look around quizzically waiting for some kind of real content. The one guarantee is that he’ll spew all over someone with as much regularity as Ol’ Faithful.

His favorite target for months was another young blogger at FranklinNOW. Greg Kowalksi (who has this blog and this one, too) and I disagree more often than not, but he’s engaged and capable and very willing to learn. I started to step in when comments were going south. Granted I baited, but it was pretty easy to draw Fischer out.

When Fischer’s logic fails he starts with the name calling. Kowalski was labeled “Pillsbury doughboy,” “Cheesecake breath,” and “cry-baby” in addition to “irrelevant” since he was a college student without a full time job. Kowalksi just happens to be an “irrelevant” constituent of Fischer’s boss, State Senator Mary Lazich. (Others are watching this, too. See Kowalski’s line up.)

Things calmed down for a little while, but then they’d flare up again. It wouldn’t take much. Fischer has buddies that blog with him. Together the foursome are pretty much all the commenting that takes place. Within a week of my hanging out at FranklinNOW I noticed something unusual about one of the blogger’s work. I e-mailed my suspicion to Kowalski who researched and found the original site from which this other guy had been lifting content. I went on later that evening and found a few others.

The plagiarist was off the blog in a couple of days.

Oh, my, did things tumble after that. Square one, round two. A sentence would send this group through the stratosphere. It happened again a few days ago. While I was in Arizona (how come mid-priced hotels have free WiFi but the expensive ones charge you for it?) I checked in and found all hell had broken loose. Fischer had posted really horrid things about me. It was what I’d been waiting for all along. I e-mailed the NOW editor to tell him I’d be pursuing the matter. I crafted this request to Senator Mary Lazich on the 20th:

Since you either can’t or won’t keep a leash on your staff, I’ll have to pursue my options with this one.

This is an open records request to review employment information regarding staff member Kevin Fischer. In particular, I want to find the length of employment by your office, his job description, and his salary as paid by the State of Wisconsin.

I also request to review the internet use information from his work computer for the last month, including sites visited and times used. I plan to make a connection from his postings to your office.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this request. Please let me know when this information is available. Please note I have not asked to have copies made or any costs incurred, only to review the information. Please contact me when it becomes available and I will make a trip to Madison to review it.

If you are not responsible for these records as Mr. Fischer’s employer, please let me know and I will make my request through the State of Wisconsin.

/Cindy Kilkenny/
(Personal info deleted, although I know it’s plastered everywhere!)

—-Sidebar: Always ask to REVIEW not HAVE information. They can’t charge you that way!—-

Wednesday Sen. Lazich called. She explained she was “really busy” and didn’t know when she could get to my request. She said the law allowed a “reasonable time.” True, I replied, and the courts have pretty much ruled 10 working days to be reasonable. I followed up with this:

Thank you for you call, Sen. Lazich. As I mentioned, I believe that Mr. Fischer’s behavior is a direct reflection on your office. I made the open records request so that I can show that connection more clearly to the voting public. I looked it up and the state courts have ruled that 10 business days is considered a “reasonable time” for you to provide the information I requested on January 20th.

Here are the comments that concerned me from Mr. Fischer’s blog. I made one statement and the Fischer comments that followed:

(Deleted, you really don’t want to read this. It’s off the site link above, too.)

So tick, tock. It’s wait-and-see time. I’ll drive to Madtown and visit the oldest when the records are ready to review.

My questions are many as I walk into this issue. First, there’s morbid curiosity… how much does he make and how long has he worked for her? Next, does he blog from the State facilities? Lazich told me that Fischer writes a lot of the stuff on her blog. I know there will be links there. What about his personal blog? Or is it his personal blog…

You see, on the description of Fischer is this statement – “Kevin, who is a legislative aide to state Sen. Mary Lazich (R-New Berlin),…” At what point are you blogging for your own pleasure vs. blogging to keep your boss elected? I daresay there might be a reversed effect in this situation, though.

So that’s it. I’m opening a can of worms, but after what City of Brookfield Mayor Jeff Speaker did to me during the last mayoral campaign, I’m tough and ready. I’ve said it before, but once you start working from purity of spirit, (free from agendas, without too much animosity) things always seem to fall into place.

One other thing I don’t think Ms. Lazich knows…she might want to check my track record on men that try to whip up on me. It’s pretty darn good if I have to say so myself. I’ll e-mail you the details if you don’t already know.


  1. the guy also is a frequent sub for belling and other
    wisn radio shows!!

    how much vacation/personal time can 1 guy have?

  2. Lazich Constituent says:

    This is really pathetic. I have been following all the garbage on the Franklin site and this is unbelievable to me. Morbid curiosity leads you to trying to create trouble for someone in their career? You talk about Kevin being a nut job yet you are the one that was publicly accucsed of it and then sued or tried to I don’t remember. Kevin gets passionate about his topics okay fine. If you don’t like his blog don’t read and don’t respond to it. He isn’t an elected official. His personal blogging has nothing to do with his job.

    “Check your track record on men who whip up on you? ” WHAT? Is this about you trying to find your inner strength? Pathetic. I am a woman so don’t think this is another man trying to “whip up on you”

    You admit you baited him and you also admit you were the one who found the similiarities to the blogger that left. I believe Greg passed that off as his own finding. Very interesting. My suspicion is you don’t disagree with Greg very much. You see a young kid that gets a lot of readers to his site. Obviously something you want. I wouldn’t have seen this site had Greg not linked to it. You are very clever Ms. Kilkenny I will give you that.

    Put your energy to some good use because quite honestly regardless of what you feel about what your doing it isn’t anything but pathetic.

  3. “you also admit you were the one who found the similiarities to the blogger that left”

    Please read more carefully. I noticed something that GREG found, and then I followed up. I never called Fischer a “nut job.” I stated that “The lefties have pretty much labeled him a right-wing nutcase.” It is a phrase used very often in political commentary. You can search “right wing nutcase” to verify my context.

    Your argument is much diminished when you inject false premises. Also, either you have a remarkable set of double standards for Fischer’s and my work, or you didn’t read his comments to me that were deleted from his site.

  4. Lazich Constituent says:

    In all honesty I didn’t read the comments. I never saw them. My issue with you and my arguement is not diminished is this. It is going too far to go after someone career. That is exactly what you are doing. You say you never called Kevin a right wing nut case that you are just stating what others called him. And you don’t want to get him fired you are just doing an open records request why? To embarass and humilate him? You post things and then say these aren’t my ideas these are things other people are saying, yet you get your point across. At least Kevin takes responsibility for what he says. Please don’t take us for idiots. You stated you found something suspicious and emailed your suspicions to Greg. I don’t believe for one second you didn’t lead him directly to what you wanted. You did everything but write the blog for him. It is sad he is too inexperienced to see what you are doing. Your behavior though is not lost on me. I have followed your antics for years.

  5. “And you don’t want to get him fired you are just doing an open records request why?”

    To gain a better understanding of Mr. Fischer’s role in Ms. Lazich’s office and to determine whether or not some of the boorish comments he’s made have been typed on a State computer.

    “At least Kevin takes responsibility for what he says.”

    He deletes comments when his temper gets the best of him. He doesn’t apologize. That doesn’t equate to “takes responsibility” under my definition.

    “I have followed your antics for years.”

    That’s very flattering since I know that Ms. Lazich doesn’t represent any part of Brookfield. But I’m offended that you would describe my work as “antics.”

  6. Lazich Constituent says:

    Your outlandish behavior and politicians accusing you of mental illness actually made it into the mainstream media. However you are right Lazich doens’t represent any part of Brookfield so why are you so invested? Why do you need to know what Mr. Fischers role is in her office? Just be honest and admit that he hurt your feelings and now you are out for revenge. Don’t pretend it is for some higher calling to save Lazich’s constituents.

  7. Define “outlandish.”

    You know, I’m not out to save any constituency. Nor am I interested in “revenge.”

    I WANT MY PARTY BACK. As long as people like Kevin Fischer continue with unpleasant outrages that are made and then erased without apology, the political party in which I have invested 27 years of voting is at risk. If HIS behavior causes HIM problems, oh, well.

  8. Lazich Constituent says:

    My mistake you are out to save the entire Republican party. How generous of you. You want an apology for something you admitted you baited him into. Then you got the reaction you were looking for and you are angry. Makes a lot of sense. Now you are driving all the way to Madison to see how long he has been employed and how much he makes. That also makes a lot of sense. Is Greg going to be riding shotgun on this little trip?

  9. I’d settle for the Republican party in SE Wisconsin.

    You’re getting snippy. If you’d like, you are welcome to e-mail and we can keep at it. Otherwise, I think we’re done.

  10. Lazich Constituent, you are a bit too fully invested in an issue on which you admit not having taken the time to do the required “back reading.”

    You do yourself nor Kevin Fischer any favors with your ill-informed “defense.”

    As for me, I’ll do everything in my power to make sure Kevin Fischer remains an active blogger, albeit one that I ignore. His ongoing boorishness and transparent dogma-spouting has done nothing but help reinforce the strength of any position I’ve taken contrary to his.

  11. Wow, Cindy, looks like you discovered someone who doesn’t like you! Claims to be female but remains anonymous…could actually be Kevin himself. Don’t know the guy or any of the issues, but I must say that the Lazich Constituent comments are very personal and mean-spirited. I think it’s a case of the pot calling the kettle black. I’d suggest printing out “her” comments on tissue paper and hanging them in the bathroom where they can be put to good use!

  12. I think Lazich Constituent is the same as Franklin Citizen, who has taken huge disapproval of the Fischer situation on my blog and Linda Richter’s Inside New Berlin blog.

    The big thing that people miss is the fact that this is a PUBLIC position, not a PRIVATE one. Mr. Fischer is hired as an aide for Lazich’s Senate District. When Lazich can’t respond quickly to a constituent, who gets the responsibility? One of her aides – Kevin included.

    When a person is paid by tax dollars to work for us – the people in the Lazich’s State Senate District, there needs to be higher standards put in place for this individual. The same would be said for other government entities – like City Planners, police officers, firefighters, teachers, the City Clerk, etc, etc. All of those above are not elected by taxpayers, but they serve the taxpayers and are paid by the taxpayers.

    I think Franklin Citizen (if Lazich Consitituent is a different person, her too) has just joined FranklinNOW recently, she might have missed this one from Kevin Fischer regarding my seat on the Franklin Environmental Commission:

    and I quote:

    “One of the commissioners is blogger Greg Kowalski. I am going to be brutally honest. I don’t want Greg Kowalski representing me or other Franklin residents on the environment or any other issue, and I don’t want him in a position of offering advice to the Mayor, the Common Council, or any other city agency or department.

    He can’t even manage his own blog properly. He has refused to remove from his blog a vicious, offensive lie about me, in essence, supporting that lie. That brings into question his entire judgment and credibility. Greg Kowalski lacks the professionalism, maturity and political sophistication to adequately serve on any political body.”


    As another of Mary “The Liar” Lazich’s constituents I would like to thank you for taking on this boorish lout.

    This guy clearly has to much time on his hands and would be an excellent place to start in downsizing the expense of state government.

  14. Don’t know if this is related or not.

    But WISN just hired a full time guy to cover all
    their talk shows when the regular hosts are gone.

    So Kevin’s out the door at WISN it appears.

    New guys name is Reed something??


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