What a week

Thanks for your e-mails about cross-blogging on NOW. Still under consideration.

I am receiving as I write dozens and dozens of Common Council minutes back to 1995 or so. I’ll organize them and print them to .pdf format. Then I’ve got to decide if I want to post them. I’m hesitating because of one person and his propensity towards downloading everything. Yes, they are public record but no, my bandwidth isn’t free. I’m paying to host the site this time and need to check out the complications. I may pop them on a free site where they’d have a banner. I think we could all live with that.

The Brookfield East Spartanettes compete at regionals tomorrow in Waterford, so that’s where I’ll be in the afternoon. I really want to try to outline what’s going on in Franklin with an aide to Senator Mary Lazich, so I’ll try to get to that tonight. It’s complicated. Most things in politics are complicated, though.

Must go be the taxi. Check in later tonight.