Several updates and a bit of babble

1) Both the Brookfield East Spartanettes and the Brookfield Central Lancerettes are headed to state poms competition next weekend. Good show, girls.

2) I am getting feeds from some of you regarding the Sprinkel incident. I have a back door if the district stonewalls the Facebook request.

Sadly, I also hear that there was an issue with this teacher last year where East Principal Brett Bowers would know details. As I mentioned in a comment, I may be in over my head, but I’m going to have to dig deeper now.

3) The decision is made; no crossover to the NOW sites. A strange alignment of the planets moved me into a bigger pond with better results than I had ever imagined. I’m going to make a go of it on my own.

4) Babble alert: It’s been an interesting couple of days in blogland. I have laughed heartily at developments surrounding what is now dubbed “L’Affaire de Fischer.” Here’s what I’ve learned:

a) nice people are still out there;
b) my personal world is full of wide opinions and generous debate;
c) I wouldn’t trade my new awareness for anything.

Oh, and

d) I can read more French than I thought!

Something’s happening in the Wisconsin political landscape that I’ve not seen much of before. There’s a shift towards subtlety, a move to the center. People are growing weary of the screeching and blame game perpetuated by a few on the edge of either side.

It will be something to watch.


  1. And we like you too, Ms. Kilkenny.

  2. To have 81 comments posted in a matter of 48 hours is…well…something to be said.

    The debate has intensified, that’s for sure.

  3. BrkfldDad says:

    If you really felt like digging, you’d could correlate the Sprinkel incident to the Buehler incident at WI Hills in ’06. Personally, we had questionable run-ins with Buehler that lead to complaints to the school. Given the gravity of the situations, I am surprised the school district isn’t more aggressive with this. This is no time to be walking lightly.

  4. What’s the “Buehler” incident? If you don’t want to explain here, e-mail me directly.

  5. BrkfldDad says:

    You can delete this comment if you like, looks like you deciphered the news before I saw your question. Buehler attempted to meet a teenage girl (so he thought) at the Walgreens in Bay View, was busted pretty much the same as Sprinkel when it comes to the PC end of it. The prior ‘concern’ end came in on the part of the music he would play during phy ed. He’d play unedited rap and hip hop, from the likes of Ludacris, 50 Cent, etc… during 6th grade phy ed! All songs were full versions, including the cuss words, sexually explicit talk, etc… Until one family complained, no one stopped or monitored him. When told he had to stop using that music, he complained to the class the next day that ‘due to complaints from one of you’, the ‘cool’ music would be no more.