A disconcerting trend at Elmbrook?

Thanks to an earlier commenter who mentioned “the Buehler incident” at Wisconsin Hills Middle School in the Elmbrook district. The MJS archives show physical education teacher Robert Jon Buehler was charged of a crime similar to that of Mike (Michael) Sprinkel in spring of 2006. This is how’s Buehler’s case turned out:

Guilty on 2 counts of Use Computer/Facilitate Child Sex Crime, a class D felony, Wisconsin Statutes 948.075(1).
Guilty of Child Sexploitation-Employ,Use,Induce, a class F felony, Wisconsin Statutes 948.05(1)(a).

The comment indicates that there were concerns about Buehler before his arrest.

What in the world is Elmbrook NOT getting right? Where are the holes in the Elmbrook policy for following up on student/parent complaints? Is it possible that the administration is trained to take a contrite tone when something is discovered but put their heads in the sand when complaints surface?

My gut says something is wrong.

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  1. We have first hand experience with the District not investigating concerns of District employee behavior, policy violations, open records requests, and documentation requirements.

    The district and board were made aware of violations and actions of their employees, but use their (our) legal council to fight everything.

    The Elmbrook Board of Education refused to investigate our initial 4 concerns, nor meet to address them. The concerns included 6 month seclusion of a 1st grader, our child bitten 9 times by another student on the bus, improper fastening of a harness where our son was thrown from his bus seat, and children’s exposure to 9/11 tragedy in elementary school classrooms and library.

    President of Board stated in the only document produced by the District regarding our complaint:

    ” My message to him was that I am not willing to schedule a hearing unless other members request it.

    ” Also, he stated: “…my feedback to him was that it might be difficult to prove a case regarding the more substantial allegations he makes. Some of the more trivial items are better documented and have more evidence to back them up, but the larger issues are MURKIER.”

    He also stated: ” Matt (Gibson) will issue a letter to the family assuring them that they will be provided with transportation to (elementary school) for their children as long as needed at no cost to them. This assurance would continue as long as there is no hearing regarding #3… (Holding people accountable, possibly involving discipline of some nature . The relevant people in this case would be Mrs. Marsho, Ms. Aigner, and possibly Dr. Gibson)”.

    We filed a harassment complaint 4 years later after Dr Gibson violated our agreement with the board (he stopped bussing) that guaranteed transportation for our children to another school.

    The bussing just happened to stop when Gibson received an open record request by a private investigator, who obtained government documents that showed 4 District employees released confidential, protected information regarding our children.

    Gibson was allowed to assign investigators who were direct reports to him, or were actually involved in the violations we filed and emailed all board members his recommendation prior to the scheduled hearing, which the board implemented.

    A rebuttal to Gibson’s email was presented in writing at the hearing, and discussed by the board, but the transcript of the meeting did not include the Board’s discussion of Gibson’s email with my input. The Board’s legal council insisted we could not be present for the discussion. The explanation of the missing 17 minutes of the transcript was they failed to turn on the recorder and the transcriptionist failed to document any of that discussion.

    The district has admitted to :

    Releasing confidential student details against state/federal law and District Policy. (We have identified 14 items by 4 district employees)

    Improper oversight of School Newspaper Articles by Gibson

    The District and Board refused to address several missing records (which were specific to the complaint) even though the Board of Education received copies of 2 IEP’s on 12/11/06. The Director of Special Ed and other administrators claimed they did not exist nor would they recognize them.

    To add insult to this, The Director of Special Ed, who concluded that district employees released confidential information and article oversight, wrote a memo 2 months later stating no violations happened, and district employees did nothing wrong.

    After WI DPI contacted The Dir. of Spec. Ed. regarding a detailed complaint we filed, these IEP’s were “FOUND” by the District (1/11/08 by Dir. Of Special Ed.) over 6 years after they were written by the district with 4 other “missing” IEP’s.

    The policies are there. They are being selectively used, or ignored. Apply the behavior to any policy, and you can see what may be happening.

    They are not documenting, which puts the burden on the parent. There is a reason there is a policy to document release of confidential information, behavior plans, complaints, etc. So a parent can go see what was released, what is going on, and to keep them in CHECK. Lack of District documentation puts the burden on the Parent or child to find out what they have done.

    The government agencies, like DPI do not have the authority to hold the District accountable. Parents, at great expense, can attempt to, but unfortunately, the District is more interested in covering up than doing the right thing.

    We need to get board members in there who will remove individuals who are not working in the best interest of parents, students, policies, protocols, and laws. The policies in place are very good, but they are selectively enforced.

    Most administrators and educators in the district respect the policies and procedures in place because they are child centric and professional. There are a few that do not respect the rules. It seems to be at the top of the food chain.