Jefferson Davis, the comeback kid?

(FYI, I finally put the game on mute, but it’s tough finding the discipline to get this done!)

In 2003 Republican Jefferson Davis defeated incumbent Joe Greco as village President in Menomonee Falls. His three-year term ended abruptly in January 2005 as part of a plea agreement. He minimized several felony campaign finance violations into misdemeanors which were resolved for a total of $1,450. Davis ran for his old position in April 2007 and lost 3 to 1. (Aside: Brookfield’s Republican Mayor Jeff Speaker paid penalties in 2006 for campaign finance violations. Maybe it’s the water near the sub-continental divide?)

The campaign finance violations are only a part of Davis’ legacy. He also had two harassment complaints filed against him. There was an investigation when he switched village insurance to a company where he served as the agent. I recall a story where he kicked a Milwaukee J/S reporter. He has had numerous incidents of child support and creditor problems. Today, even as he mounts a new campaign for Menomonee Falls Village Trustee against incumbent Sharon Ellis, Davis is battling foreclosure.

That’s certainly not how Davis started. While he took the microphone to defend early complaints on The Jeff Wagner Show in December 2004, he had a shining start in the Republican Party of Waukesha County. Davis was tagged to perform for President George W. Bush during a Wisconsin visit. In 1993 he even sought to chair the Waukesha County Republicans against Don Taylor. News reports show him to be a party darling that publicly claimed favor with Congressman James Sensenbrenner and even President Bush.

Obviously, it didn’t end so well.

Does anyone know how the Waukesha party vets their picks? I know that Davis and Speaker and another perennial candidate Thomas Schellinger have been favored, but I’ve never discovered the magic formula that places some above the others.

(Boo. OSU lost by 3 points.)


  1. Shawn Matson says:

    Am I the only person who has a hard time taking a guy named “Jefferson Davis” seriously?

  2. You are a student of history, Shawn. Most people probably don’t realize the name has been used before!

  3. Ha… you know I never thought of it that way… Cindy help me out here, are there laws preventing Menomonee Falls from seceding from Wisconsin?

  4. Shawn Matson says:

    Let’s hope not (snark).

  5. anthony salomone says:

    Jefferson davis has not lerned his lesson in the 2007 election he loss bad and he keeps coming back for what reason’s does he need to do to stay away from office.Vote newmen for village presdent in 2009

  6. Doug Hoover says:

    Hey Anthony-

    Great spelling there, champ. Jefferson Davis was completely innocent. The campaign finance mistakes he made were everyday mistakes that most politicians make. He got framed by Paul Bucher, the Waukesha County DA, who ended up running for Attorney General and getting smoked the following year. Bucher was looking for a big case but in fact this wasn’t it because Davis didn’t do anything wrong. We have corrupt politicians in Milwaukee County with thousands of dollars unaccounted for and Davis gets in trouble for a few mismarked things that are everyday mistakes. He did a great job in the Falls and lowered taxes while in office. There is a lot more corruption to be uncovered in the Falls, just you wait and see.