What to watch this week

It’s the coveted fifth week in the calendar for local government. They only happen a few times a year, but when the calendar looks like this January’s, you’ll see fewer meetings overall. The City of Brookfield didn’t even send out weekly alderman packets because there is nothing on the weekly schedule!

Be wary of a fifth week in the news cycle. Granted, the suburbs aren’t getting much coverage from the MJS, but you may see unique stories crop up in Milwaukee County where reporters are still expected to provide news. Or make news? Or cover stuff and pretend it’s news? I’ll keep my eyes open for the unusual.

Nationally the attention is beginning to shift towards the Super Tuesday primary votes on February 5th. Oklahoma is part of Super Tuesday, so I still have this “the election is coming!” internal clock. Wisconsin goes to the polls on February 19th.

Brookfield will have two primaries for aldermanic districts in the 1st and the 2nd. I am certain my favorite candidate Dan Sutton will get past the gate in the 1st. I’m very curious to see if the 2nd district incumbent falters in this first race. Signs are beginning to pop up on this side of town.

Some day I need to do something on the care and feeding of a yard sign. Some are already looking pretty scraggly.

I’ll be continuing with questions for Elmbrook. Another anonymous tip came in suggesting I look into Mike Sprinkel’s team behavior during a Halloween outing. If you want to help confirm an unusual choice of materials for the traditional “tp the coach’s house” event, please let me know. This week I’ll look into policies and procedures in place at the district regarding sexual harassment complaints. Is every complaint documented or is there first contact discretion?


  1. Find anything about the Halloween events or TP items? Interested in putting the pieces together. Thanks!

  2. Never confirmed, which is why I didn’t mention the items.

  3. Anonymous says:

    yes you did mention items…get your story straight before you put it out there. You are a piece of work. Go after the alledged individual’s that were involved in the Halloween event. Again its amazing you get such satisfaction from printing trash….