Update – l’affaire de Fischer

Here’s what we know:

1) Greg Kowalski picked up some support from others after Kevin Fischer’s words went to a wider audience.

2) Fischer said some less than flattering things about Greg. He also said less than flattering things about me. He let posters run on for a few days before he pulled it all.

3) Fischer works for the state of Wisconsin as an aide to the State Senator in the district Greg lives.

4) Fischer and his boss State Senator Mary Lazich know that their salaries, job descriptions, and employment history are public records. So is any correspondence or web use that originates or is received by a state owned computer.

5) I got fed up with Fischer’s poor behavior and pulled out the big guns by making an open records request. Three or four people stepped in to defend Fischer claiming inaccurately that I was going after his “livelihood.” In the meantime, Fischer disappeared from commenting on Greg’s site and has refrained from commenting about either of his on his blog.

6) Oh, yes, Fischer’s blog description articulates: “Kevin, who is a legislative aide to state Sen. Mary Lazich (R-New Berlin)”

I’m pretty happy that the main goal has been accomplished. Fischer is back in his corner. I suppose that there is a chance one or two of the anonymous characters that respond to this issue know more than I do. Perhaps they know that Fischer’s job is in jeopardy. I have heard nothing of that sort. Open records requests take place every day. There’s no reason to think that a housewife with access to e-mail is taking down the great Mr. Fischer.

As of this moment there is no other information. Sen. Lazich’s office will need to fulfill the request or provide a reason why she has not. If she chooses to deny the request, I will move into the next level of influence and send the AG and the press all of the background. I may need to tighten it all up a bit and try again.

If she fulfills it, I will drive to Madison, apartment shop with my son, and take a look to see what I want to pay to bring home. Then I’ll start the process of matching every post and comment Fischer made with the state computer information. If I find anything, we can begin the debate about use of a state/time computer for a private blog, or about use of state time/computer for his boss’ blog, or about Journal Communications giving free space to two people in the same office…you get it. This isn’t going to be over for a while. One thing I will say up front – Lazich is recently re-elected, so it would be very hard to argue that either she or her staff were campaigning on state time.

Here’s the big lesson: anyone can stand up to a bully like Fischer. With the right tools, even a housewife can have her say.


  1. With regards to using state equipment and state time for blogging purposes, Pundit Nation, has gotten Fischer to confess contributing to the writing of the Senator. So why does one blogger have access to 40% of FranklinNow’s blogs?

    Here is the posting from PN: http://punditnation.blogspot.com/2008/01/kevin-fischer-confirms-he-assists-sen.html

  2. Good work, Cindy. Openness in government is always a good thing.