LEGACY attempts resurrection prior to Elmbrook referedum

I received this today:

Dear LEGACY members,

We are writing to let you know that Carver [Smith], Dea [Fotsch] and I will not be leading LEGACY for the April referendum for a variety of reasons. We are all willing to help and support the referendum in April, but are unable to take on the leadership role. We hope that LEGACY efforts will continue and we will provide any assistance to whomever wants to take on the charge.

While this referendum is less in dollars it will still take a team effort to get it passed. We believe that the public is more aware this time around and the campaign does not need to be as intense. However, the referendum will take place the Tuesday following spring break and we fear that without significant absentee balloting people may forget to vote. The biggest efforts should be made through phone calling and letters to the editor.

If you or someone you know is willing to take on the leadership of this great cause, please let us know. We will help get you started, and support you all the way to election day.


Molly Steffen

No, I’m not a member of the mailing list. Half a dozen people from this list keep me informed. Molly Steffan went on to be a member of the HSST/Next Steps group the district sponsored. Carver Smith joined John Ratzel’s effort with the independent group eProgress. Only Dea Fotch hasn’t publicly worked towards a new proposal.

For a refresher, the MJS reported that more than $70,000 was spent by the district, LEGACY, and district donors to advocate for the last referendum. (The district will argue they were “informing” or “educating” and not “advocating.”) In fact $14,600 was spent alone for a professional video that was played over and over on the the district’s public channel.

Members of the architectural firm Plunkett & Rasyich contributed $1,500 to LEGACY. According to the article, the group stands to earn 4.95%, the highest percentage by their contract, for designing the remodel of two high schools. They reportedly saw no conflict in their donations.


  1. FYI – it’s Fotsch with an S!

  2. Following the last go round, I have steadfastly avoided this topic.

    But if LEGACY is being resurrected, it must reflect a signal from the board that the referendum is pert near set to be scheduled. Thus it would appear to be time to grab for the specifics.

    I for one, do not intend to allow all of the district ‘information’ sharing without demanding equal time on district cable for contrary opinion. There’s got to be some judicial ruling on the limits of the use of district owned cable tv which we – taxpayers and cable users – pay for twice over.

    But of course THIS referendum will demand little or no opposition, and we can all happily vote YES!

  3. My apologies to the Fotsch family. Correction made.

  4. You may have missed this entry.


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