Local ultra-conservatives despair over McCain’s possible nomination

Over the past few weeks I’ve seen more than one blogger threaten to stay home. In the middle of last night Owen Robinson of Boots and Sabers made his statement.

I can’t vote for McCain. I won’t. I’d rather see 4 or 8 years of a raving liberal in office to give the GOP it’s conservative stones back.

Passionate? Yes. Logical? No. He’s not alone in his despair. Coffee with a good acquaintance the other day showed she shared the sentiment. Later, she admitted she would of course be voting. I doubt very seriously that she would be voting for the Democratic candidate.

It’s time to discuss why this focussed passion exists against McCain from the far right. I hear “amnesty.” But President Bush, who is constantly defended, said “amnesty” too. I hear “McCain/Feingold.” True there were tons of loopholes discovered and exploited there, but I don’t see our elected rushing out to fix the problem.

There are two reasons I like the idea of John McCain. Experience in the battlefield and an almost perfect parallel to my thoughts regarding the economy, in particular government spending. His battlefield experience shows me a willingness to serve the country in a way even I would not. He’s earned a complete understanding of the details of foreign policy. That combined with his stand economically gives me hope that he’ll be able to shore up the American trade situation and save America’s standing in the global marketplace.

If you are willing, let’s start this discussion. How passionate are you about your politics?


  1. Shawn Matson says:

    To answer your question: very. I couldn’t support John McCain not because of his immigration or any other stand, but because he is committed to the war and I fear he would be too eager to get into a war with Iran.

    We need a president who is going to say to the world, “The America you admire is back.” One of the biggest imperatives of this election is restoring our moral authority in the world.

    And we need to pull out all troops from the Arab region. Leave them alone–let them be–and defend our country.

  2. I agree with Shawn here. I don’t want to see us in another foreign country for 50+ years. Our troops should be slowly coming back home. I don’t know if they will be under McCain’s leadership.

    Unless, of course, Iraq decides to join the United States by applying to become a State.

  3. Dan, you can drink Guinness out of a can all you want. You really earned my respect with that last thought.

  4. I imagine Owen will work on his recent growing depression and perhaps feel a bit brighter by November and he’ll eventually support McCain. If he doesn’t get help soon, though, he may endorse Obama.

  5. John, I’m not going to join you in poking fun at Owen. I simply restated his comment.

    Don’t consider me an ally.

  6. “The America you admire is back.”

    The only America anyone ever admired is the one that enabled and led its allied in winning WWII.

    “Unless, of course, Iraq decides to join the United States by applying to become a State.”

    Not necessary. All they need to do is fly on over to Canada or Mexico, then just walk on in.

    As to my choice in pols, I’d settle for McCain if he would only adapt a more reasoned attitude toward globalism.

    Long term problems in this country pitting one generation against the next, our inability to preserve quality jobs for our kids in the face of unfair competition from over populated developing countries as well as unfettered payouts to congress by parties indifferent to our economic plight; all of these add up to the need for a more reasoned global trade policy. Either we restructure our economy so that the average guy can make it on 20 cents an hour, or we need to confront competition from places having that standard of living.

    I strongly doubt that conservatism offering nothing more than tax cuts to the wealthy will long endure in todays America.

    As to wars, we’ll continue to have them until the other guy decides to live in peace. One thing we can do is to support our troops both in the field as well as once returned home.

    Our hospitals and rehab centers ought to be getting as much government attention as are our weapons of war.

    Our fallen heroes receive our utmost respect. Those who survive and return to us deserve no less!

  7. Young people and liberals need to read the real teachings of Islam to see that their agenda is to control the entire planet. The “religion of peace” baloney is inconsistent with what they believe. It is imperative that we fight the radicals, and it might as well be “over there” as here. Who cares if other countries “like” us? Most of them are consumed with envy for our standard of living and only want to see us fail. The Europeans have squandered their freedom and will become Islamic by 2050. Russia and China should be considered to be our mortal enemies. Iran is as bad as Hitler and too many people here are advocating the same thing that we did when he rose to power…ignore them and they’ll leave us alone. Time to wise up and realize that Israel is the only dependable ally we have in the Middle East and we are hated because we support them. Who better to support than a democracy that is as close to ours as possible? All that said, I hate the idea of grandpa McCain being our candidate. I don’t like any that are left. I’d vote for Newt in a heartbeat! To those willing to live under sharia law I say, “Give me liberty or give me death”. Seems like I heard that one before, but I doubt one learns that in public school anymore.

  8. Shawn Matson says:

    Dear El Gato and Friends,
    I certainly admire McCain’s military record. Let’s remember that this guy was tortured and stayed strong through the whole ordeal—something I doubt I could ever do. I admire his stance on torture. But I have a feeling that the words of Herbert Hoover might come back to haunt us, “Older men declare war. But it’s the youth who must fight and die.”

    While you sit in your comfortable computer chair talking about how we must stamp out Islam and send more troops into battle, it is my friends who are going off to die. For a meaningless cause—for a war that insults our covenant with our armed forces. Childhood friends who I went to Elementary, Middle and High School are shipping out—to Fort Bragg, Fort Henry, and beyond.

    The youth are naïve, sure, but I don’t see you out there giving up your life for a war that 70% of Americans disfavor. Sabre-rattling is easy from the comfort of your warm home.

    And might I ask you a question I already know the answer to, El Gato? Have you ever read the Qur’ran? I have a copy in my hand right now. It sits in my library next to copies of the The Bible (old and new testament), Siddhartha, The Diamond Sutra, Hadith, and other books of spiritual and religious reference.

    What you don’t realize is that Islam is based on the value of the holy lands. In 2001, Bin Laden explained his reasons for attacking the United States in the form of a huge document to tell the United States why he did what he did. I don’t approve what he did, and this isn’t justification for the lives he has taken, but if you wish to know the answers to why the Islamic extremeists are after us…look to this document. Using atomic weapons on Japan, having troops in the holy land, the millions of children who died from Iraq sanctions in the 1990’s were all some of those reasons. But the biggest reason was because we stationed foreign troops in Islamic sovereign land.

    What most people forget is that we are the United States of America, not the United Nations of the World. We have no business violating the sovereignty of other nations. Do unto others as you’d have unto you. Do you remember that saying?

    The land of the FREE and the home of the BRAVE is somewhere that doesn’t go around taking away freedom from other nations, but instead cultivating Democracy when other nations ask for our help.

    And sadly, you are gravely wrong about Israel’s democracy. They are a nation of brutalistic bullies. No stable government. No popular move towards Democracy. Yet we spend billions of dollars a year supplying them with weapons (which is really just a ploy to support the Military-Industrial Complex).

    And El Gato, you consistently bash public education, but you’d be wrong. I think that Patrick Henry quote is wonderful, but he proves my point here.

    “A vitiated state of morals, a corrupted public conscience, is incompatible with freedom. No free government, or the blessings of liberty, can be preserved to any people but by a firm adherence to justice, moderation, temperance, frugality, and virtue; and by a frequent recurrence to fundamental principles.” –Patrick Henry

    America must return to a tradition of just and temperate leadership, and to secure the blessings of liberty. What the constitution does not need is another war to shred our civil liberties. Look to the Senate where there is a fight over telecom immunity for wiretapping. Look to the Patriot Act’s suspension of Habeus Corpus and tell me that what we need now is another war, driven by a flock mentality, and supplemented by the degradation of our fundamental rights, inherently deserved by man.
    So, while the youth may not be as wise as the backseat of your pants, we pay for the wars that the “wise and experienced” have shown the leadership to get us into. Some leadership.
    Bring our boys home and treat them like heroes—and treat war mongerers as treasonous.

  9. Related Odds and Ends!

    Did you know that when the economic stimulus bill is passed – with or without hand outs to seniors – the bill will pay illegal aliens currently on the IRS ‘good guy’ list!

    The pontiff of the Conservative Church – Rush Limbaugh – has declared the conservative base ‘fractured’? It’s OK Rush, we’ll get you up on Oxycontin till the pain abates.

    And a special note to Shawn!

    “I certainly admire McCain’s military record. Let’s remember that this guy was tortured and stayed strong through the whole ordeal—something I doubt I could ever do.”

    It’s not really something John chose, Shawn. It’s just something he ended up with. Though I do agree that he handled it well.

    “Older men declare war. But it’s the youth who must fight and die.”

    Sort of reminds me of the story about the conversation between the senior and junior senator which occurred one day while they were walking. The older senator asked the younger how he liked working in the senate. The younger replied that he liked it a lot, though he was very upset with the system of seniority. To which the older man replied: “You’ll get to like it more the longer you are here!”.

    “While you sit in your comfortable computer chair talking about how we must stamp out Islam and send more troops into battle, it is my friends who are going off to die.”

    Shawn, when I was in my pram, my dad and his brothers went off with Britain to hose over Hitler and Tojo in a four year tag team match. While the yuppies were enjoying their new disposable diapers, my older cousins were off pushing China out of South Korea. Shortly after that I served six years in the military, hoping that the Berlin Crisis did not end up in WWIII. No sooner had I come home and all but completed my education when – what to my great surprise – Vietnam happened under the direction of the Kennedy (New Frontier) / Johnston (The Great Society) administrations. By that time, the yuppies were out of diapers and entering school as undergrads. Some chose to hide out in school and became beard and sandal boys, raising all sorts of hell with the establishment. Others accepted their fate and entered military service voluntarily or as draftees to go ‘get them Kong’! Shawn, what are you griping about here? No one’s drafting your butt. Nor will they as long as this ‘volunteer’ army continues to pull a very heavy load, and you continue to hide in college.

    As to your many and naive comments about Mohammedanism, I wouldn’t dare take advantage of Cindy’s blog in order to help you understand your confusion. All I can say is, if you like it, go do it: quit school, slip a white sheet over your shoulders and carefully wind a pretty towel around your head, strap lots of high explosive on your back, and proudly step into a Jewish deli to do your thing for Allah! Not only will your seven virgins be waiting. Hitler will also be there to shake your hand for continuing his work!

  10. Shawn Matson says:

    Have you read the Qur’ran? Don’t judge a book by its cover or the way the media spins it. Until you do that, don’t lecture me on Islam.

    Remember, this is the media that enabled the Bush quagmire in the first place. They cannot be trusted.

  11. Gerry, Shawn, El Gato, you guys are really smart and make good reading. Please watch the closing arguments.

  12. I’ve read the Qur’ran. Have a copy on the 3rd shelf in the upstairs reading nook. I have no problem with the material.

    I do have a problem with the way some choose to interpret the material. There are indeed peaceful Muslims like there are warring Muslims. There are peaceful Christians and warring Christians. This decade it looks like the warring Muslims are getting the most attention for bad behavior.

    I’m giggling at you not trusting the media, though, Shawn. Somewhere in my memory I thought that was a job that the RIGHT held dear!

  13. Shawn Matson says:


  14. I think what we fail to understand is the fact that Democrats and Republicans both support our troops and, in fact, favor war. It’s a matter of what’s acceptable for a war and what’s not.

    We do need to remember that the Democrats voted for military action in Afghanistan, and still support continued military involvement in that country.

    Just because Democrats don’t support the war in Iraq, because it was indeed full of bologna from the start (as the French predicted in their UN address before the war), doesn’t mean they’re against the troops, supporting Islamic extremists, or all pacifists that can even utter the word “war” without having a panic attack due to the possible negative consequences.

    Shawn is not the only one that has friends in the military. I’m sure plenty of high school and college students do – I’m one of them. One of my friends is married to a marine, others serve in the army and navy. All of them respect my views and understand where I come from, which is something to be said considering that adults twice the age of them can’t dare see beyond the walls of their core beliefs.

    As a country we need to become more accepting of different viewpoints and need to be able to blend them in with our own sometimes. That’s what will make our country great again – when people begin to actually get along instead of placing labels and seperating our people on purpose.

    What’s the phrase?

    “United we Stand. Divided we Fall.”

  15. J. Strupp says:

    It’s funny that the Qur’ran is such a sore topic with you El Gato. I can only assume that you haven’t had a chance to read the Old Testament. I think that you will find the Old Testament to be as brutal, violent and sexist as anything you will find in the Qur’ran.