The Republican debate

They let Huckabee and Paul talk! Granted, it wasn’t much, but they did.

This debate had more edge than I remember from others. We’re getting down to business now. The recap of the debate begins immediately.

I have a little confession. I like the recap more than the debate! I know where the candidates stand by now. Sure someone may score a point here or a point there against each other with logic or flow, but there are usually no great departures because platforms are long set. What I really enjoy is the give and take following – how the hired hands slice and dice every line.

Tonight there was the constant invocation of Ronald Reagan. (The debate was held at his library.) Was Reagan, a former union (Screen Actor Guild) president, as conservative as we’ve painted him posthumously?

PS They just announced that California Governor Schwarzenegger will be endorsing McCain.


  1. Shawn Matson says:

    With Ghouliani out, the media narrative is now that this is a “two man race” between Romney and McCain and that McCain is the front runner.

    I’d like to see a lot more Paul/Huckabee momentum, personally. They are the two professional ones.

  2. “Ghouliani”

    LOL-I like that.

  3. First, recall that Regan began his political life in Hollywood as a liberal and president of the screen actors guild defending members against allegations of communism brought by Joe McCarthy and Co. So one would expect his later adoption of conservatism to have a bit more balance than if he were a life long curmugeon.

    Then too, I heard a Bill O’Reilly show in which he proffered a guess that Rudy Julie Anne might well be picked up by a McCain Administration as either Director of Homeland Obscurity or as Attorney Generous. I think the old Rudemeister would do great in either position.

    Last (and a bit off topic), while I like Huckabee’s stand on most issues, I think that McCain could do best against either Uncle Ted’s house boy O’Bama or the tag team of Hill & Bill themselves.

  4. Es gibt keinen Anwärter, dem ich das Gefallen finde. Nicht viele Demokraten würden mir gerade wegen ihrer Parteiverbindung entsprechen…, das Sie eine sein müssen, zum ein zu sehen! Die Republikaner setzten oben die schrecklichsten Anwärter… zu alt, zu liberal, zu politisch, usw.. Was ist eine Person, zum zu tun?

  5. Ich nehme an, daß man für das kaiser als Write-in wählen könnte.

  6. Ok, you two. I know you’ve had run ins before. If either of you are calling each other flat-footed goat shepherds I will eventually find out.

    If the rest of you are curious you can cut and paste into babelfish ( and find the gist of it.

    By the way, I have an idea for you that I’ll post later today. I have to tiptoe, though.

  7. I believe that he said that he was uncomfortable with both Republican and Democrat candidates.

    I retorted that he could always elect to write-in the Kaiser!

    It all seems rather civil to me.

  8. Obviously I’m no expert, but I’d be willing to bet cash money that Mike Huckabee will end up being McCain’s choice for Vice President. He’d help McCain bring the evangelicals back into the fold, and he’d bring nice regional and experiential balance to the ticket, being the former Governor of Arkanasas.

  9. Zach W. – I’d like to believe you are right. Huckabee appears too large an asset to lose in the 08 campaign. He would certainly give McCain some age balance if facing either Hillary O’Bama or Barak Clinton in the big run.

  10. Shawn Matson says:

    Nope, you’re all wrong–It’s Arnold Schwazenegger

  11. Shawn, wow! I never thought of that, but he can’t serve as president, still has ambition, and would deliver California.

    He was quick to the happy hour…

  12. Not only that – Arnie is a leper! Until he makes Collie-phone-ya tick no one would buy him for VP.

    The Huckster, on the other hand, gives Johnny Mac some credibility with the anti-immigration, Christian Coalition, ya dada ya dada crowds.

    You want a VP who will out think you, not out stink you! (eg. Secure-Location Chaney.
    Bush picked him cause he was sure Dick could out think him. On the other hand, using that criteria alone, almost anyone would have fit!)

    Then again – if he was electable – Arnie could hold Johnny Mack in his hand during debates with Hillary just to out macho her. A lot safer than comparing body hair!

    Suppose she will really choose O”Bama as her [edited – use running mate]?

  13. Shawn Matson says:

    If McCain chooses Arnold it forces Clinton or Obama to choose the other as their VP nominee. However, Democrat registration is up by 660,000 in California and Republicans are up 40,000. I’m still unsure if he would carry Cali but it would be a lot closer than it would be.

  14. If Arnold wouldn’t guarantee a California win, then why pick him?

  15. Shawn Matson says:

    My point was that nothing is guarenteed.