Alternate candidates for the disenfranchised

Who says bloggers can’t have a little fun?

This post comes with a little trepidation, but I’m going to shake that and have some fun anyway. WARNING: This is grown up material. There is language involved that although my 15 year old knows these words, I’d be uncomfortable if we read it together. (If history repeats, she like her siblings will try them out on me once or twice before leaving home.)

And with that very long preface, I introduce Sunny for President. Her platform is partially described on the link. More has been promised by her manager Rachel Lucas.

Sunny actually had a challenger in this field, but the opponent has already thrown in the towel.

Hat tip: Wendy at Boots and Sabers.

P.S. I warned you above. No whining about how (fill in the blank) I must be. It’s funny stuff if you skip the language.