Someone asked, so I better do this. Terms and definitions:

Blog – shortened from Web log, usually a self-published Web site updated any where from once every three months to 20 times or more each day.

Blogroll – badge of honor, source of frustration for many bloggers. Blogroll is the list of 1) Bloggers the blog writer reads, 2) bloggers the blog writer admires, or 3) bloggers that the blog writer has traded favors with to be listed. In general, you’ll find bloggers I read being added. If I find myself linking to them on more than a couple of subjects, they’ll go in, too.

Hat tip – the generous offering of credit to the blog that was first discovery for unique material. For instance, below, I don’t regularly read Rachel Lucas, but Wendy from Boots and Sabers does. Since I read it there first, she deserves a hat tip for introducing me to the material.

Hits – the number of 1) unique visitors, or 2) page loads, or 3) times your mother visits to read your work. Different programs available count hits in different ways. In general I look at 1 and 2 on the software I use. I don’t think my mother reads. She has never understood my (or my late grandmother’s) fascination with the political world.

If you need other terms defined, by all means, ask. I’ll do my best.

Update – 9:30 p.m. – add:

Comment spam – where a blog owner manages blog feeds to automatically “respond” to key words in a post. I have received two today. Guess that’s the price of popularity. 😉