Good morning

Blogging is hit or miss through the weekend. Usually I’m heading somewhere a little warmer, but this time it’s a trip to La Crosse. (Believe it or not, I’ve never been there.) I’ll use the road time to organize all of those Brookfield Common Council minutes I received last week.

Thank you for reading. To my great surprise there’s more traffic on the new site. Reports show average daily hits at the levels only reached once or twice before at BrookfieldNOW. It’s been fun to stretch out beyond the city limits, but we’ve talked about that.

I have a couple of new hunches I’m working on, and we’re still waiting for a couple of other requests to be returned. I’m anticipating the Elmbrook School district’s roll out the new Web page “informing” about the upcoming referendum. It was due January 30. (By the time you read this the link may show the new page. If you find it let me know what you think.)

Stay warm and keep in touch. –Cindy


  1. BrkfldDad says:

    Went back to BNow, which I don’t do very often now, and saw Robert Flessas’ blog. Wow, I missed all that’s been going on in his world, although I did notice his house is for sale. I love the quote in his article with Lisa Sink that he may not pay his taxes, they charge too much – this from a town supervisor!!! This topic might be where matter and anti-matter collide Cindy, I could see you and Scott Berg agreeing on a blog topic!!!! (Okay, you can shoot me now)

  2. Bdad you are safe, I don’t do guns. I did catch the irony in Flessas’ statement.

  3. Sounds to me as though this fella is close to melt down.

    All things considered, perhaps it’s time we set aside our disagreements with Bob and simply remember him in our prayers.