Life comes at you fast, and a little about comments

More about Mike (Michael) Sprinkel. At one point tonight I had two conversations going, one by e-mail and one by instant messaging, with details that need further investigation. If what I’m finding out is true, I will rip this district to small pieces. If not, then I won’t print it.

Also here’s the deal on comments. When I first set up the software I remember the questions about how to handle comments. What I remember is that the first time you comment, I have to approve it, and then after that you’re free to go. I can always delete bad news later. (Update – as in foul language or abusing someone who isn’t a public figure) HOWEVER, there’s one of you that I have to approve every time, so I need to look into that. Also, I am going to number the anonymous comments so that I have to get to them first.

The problem is obvious: I don’t sit here 24/7. Please don’t fret. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to change the initial set up guidelines, but I’m working on it. I think I need to set up for direct publish, warts and all. I can always go back and pull something that is over the edge.

(Any wordpress geeks out there?)


  1. I know a fair amount about WordPress – feel free to send any questions my way.

  2. “HOWEVER, there‚Äôs one of you that I have to approve every time, so I need to look into that.”

    Are you telling me that you have me on a short leach?

  3. No, it’s a software glitch of some kind. It should be going through, but for some reason it isn’t.

    I just need some time to figure it out and then all should be well.

  4. By the way, may I take your follow up silence to mean that the Sprinkle splash fizzled out?

  5. Just being careful re: Sprinkel. Still following up on two things.