Racing in the streets

I’ve hinted that I didn’t exactly grow up like most of you. While my Wisconsin contemporaries remember the Lombardi years, I remember Dad setting up two different TVs to watch two different races. I learned to drive at a very young age in one of my dad’s machines. His last house had room for six cars; his new one has room for more.

Anyway, this is my little brother:

Racing Bro

A huge thanks to the photographer at SS Racing Photos.

Update – Oh, ye of little faith.  Yes, that’s my brother Eddie. He’s had that car for a couple of years now.


  1. Wouldn’t you just know it. She’s a punk racing groupie! I’ve seen her in her leathers on her bike a few times. But has anyone seen her bling or tattoos?

  2. “Didn’t grow up like the rest of us”?

    Did you just rear up spontaneously? Good lord, wait till Gary Mahkorn gets hold of this. It’s worth a full three hour diatribe at the next council meeting.

  3. This is Cindy’s brother. Who are YOU calling a punk??

  4. Not to worry, Eddie. Gerry’s a bud. He calls my scooter a “Harley” and has fought more than one battle on my behalf.

  5. Your ok then, LOL!

  6. Oh, just for the record that picture was taken at the dragstrip were its legal. I hate street racing. I just didn’t want anyone to get the wrong idea, but I know what you were trying to say Cindy.

    Pilar, Nicholas, and I say hi from Houston, TX. We love y’all!!