5, 6, 7, 8

Breakfast is in my room this morning so I have to be quick. (Do you have any idea how much these young women eat?) La Crosse is beautiful.

CNN cleverly had a lip reader study the hug that Clinton/Obama shared at the debate. It seems they are talking a combined ticket. I can’t find it on the internet or I’d link to it. The hearing professional said something about “when we win” but I didn’t catch it all. Interesting, but liberals are starting to beg for a “real” liberal just like right-wingers want a “real” conservative. Maybe we’re really tired of it all and meeting in the middle.

It’s Groundhog Day in the winter that wants to last forever. Lent starts Wednesday. Valentine’s Day – St. Patrick’s Day – then the month of April which can be so long in Wisconsin. Summer’s just around the corner. I miss warm. I was not genetically programmed to be so cold.

But first, tomorrow is un-Super Bowl Sunday. We’ll get through it.


  1. Eh, I’m inclined to believe the “we” in the “when we win” comment could just be a reference to the Democratic Party in general. I’m not convinced the winner for the Democrats will pick the runner up as VP, in part because I think the winner will ultimately decide to go with a VP who has some executive experience.

  2. Shawn Matson says:

    Obama will pick Kathleen Sebelius, gov of Kansas or Sen. Jim Webb of Virginia