Details trickle in on Lazich aide Kevin Fischer

Job description: Legislative Assistant IV

Class Description
Definition: This is highly responsible administrative assistant work in the office of a Senator or Senate committee, the Senate Chief Clerk and Director of Operations, or the Senate Sergeant-at-Arms. The position allocated to this class is responsible for a variety of public information, constituent relations, legislative liaison, personnel-related, and general office functions for which the appointing authority is responsible.

Responsibilities of this position are typically varied and complex, requiring an awareness of the effect of a decision on the legislative process. Work is performed with little supervision by the appointing authority.

Examples of work performed: Researches and formulates legislative proposals for introduction; researches pending legislation; drafts responses to letters from constituents and other interested citizens regarding pending legislation or problems related to government; serves as liaison between appointing authority and members of the Legislature, lobbyists, state agency personnel, the executive office, news media, and legislative service agencies for the purpose of gaining or disseminating information on legislative business.

Required knowledge, skills, and abilities: Thorough knowledge of the processes and procedures of the Legislature; thorough knowledge of the inter-relationship between the various committees and policy bodies of which the Senate is a member; ability to evaluate information and data and project its logical conclusion; ability to efficiently and effectively deal with the public both orally and in writing; and the ability to conduct research investigations involving the use of research methodology.

Training and experience: Graduation from an accredited college or university and six years of office experience, or an equivalent combination of training and experience.
Mr. Fischer has been employed since May 10, 2005. The position pays $62,004.00.

Others have sent me links to previous employment for Mr. Fischer. Most notably, he was let go from WTMJ 620 in October 1996. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Tim Cuprisin writes, “management was concerned about a possible violation of the company’s ethics code.” He goes on to explain that Fischer used press credentials to better a trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando even though he wasn’t on assignment.

Currently there is speculation that Fischer has been replaced as the permanent fill-in host at WISN radio. Let me know if anyone can confirm that.

I’ve been promised that the computer data I’ve requested is still in the works.


  1. mitch from brookfield says:

    Not exactly cutting edge stuff Cindy. A job description and salary? Hopefully now we can stick with Brookfield stuff. Anything more about the Mike story? How about the fire at the house of Flessas? Sorry to hear about it, but thought it was strange that someone with a house in foreclosure would be planning on using the house as a bed and breakfast. Sound weird to anyone else?

  2. My goodness.

    Won’t kick a guy when he’s down, so lay off Flessas. I left BrookfieldNOW so I could post whatever I wanted!

    The Fischer story is trickling in. No, it’s not cutting edge, but the information is helping to build a foundation for a full assessment down the line.

  3. Sure, it’s not cutting edge, but thanks for the update Cindy. Let us know what you find out once you get the computer records.

  4. Shawn Matson says:

    Yeah Cindy, seems like you’re pretty lazy on this one. Sheesh!

  5. Dear Shawn, you’ll be old someday too. Love, Cindy

  6. Actually, there was some info in this post that was new to me. Thanks for the update, Cindy.

    Given how he abused his position at TMJ, perhaps it would be worth a looky-see on his behaviors, now that he is a big shot state aid. I betcha, given today’s climate, there’s been some of the same sort of behaviors.

  7. Not cutting edge? I don’t know. Look at the first line in “Definition”.

    This is highly responsible administrative assistant

  8. AFisherOfMen says:

    Where is this going?

    Kevin is a better blogger with health benefits and you want to beat him up why?

  9. Shawn Matson says:

    Yeah, and the DMV is really efficient, our fire stations all belong on Bluemopund Road and kitties and puppies fall from the sky like angelic gifts.

  10. I don’t know about you, but I certainly enjoyed Dean (thoughtful conservative)’s linkage of Wigderson’s blog entry…

    Purely hilarious…how it all came true! Even the freakin comments!!

    That was a pretty accurate prediction.

  11. afisherofmen: Kevin is a bully and I’ve been at the brunt of his public behavior. I feel the very best way to put a bully back in his cage is to work with the facts, build a case as to why a bully should be permanently caged, and then argue that case publicly.

    There’s no beating involved in the original post. I have no idea why health benefits moved into the discussion. Whether or not Kevin Fischer is a better blogger is purely subjective, but you are welcome to think so.

  12. Where is this going?

    For myself, I just want to know how much Mr. Fischer “assists” Sen. Lazich in her blog postings. Does he suggest a topic? Do research? Show her how to post? Ghostwrite? All of the above at different times?

    And does she think Mr. Fischer is providing a service for her constituents in Franklin by the language he uses? While I may agree with his opinions, the light he’s been presented in recently reminds me of Ann Coulter, whose opinions I also often agree with, but whose method of presenting them leaves me cold.

  13. Can I guess??? We go after Jensen, Chvala, etc… for using staffers to campaign on State time. How about staffers who write independant blogs on state time? Do I win the kewpie doll?

  14. It will be interesting to see what the computer usage data shows.

  15. I agree with Cindy – it WILL be interesting, indeed.

    Especially with the acknowledgment that Fischer “assists” in Lazich’s blog.

    Personally, I think a $60,000/yr job should not include publishing blog entries. I mean, if that’s the case, all of the bloggers should be making some moola!

  16. Concerned Franklin resident says:

    It looks like Fischer has friends with a safety organization. They’re trying to prop him up, which means Cindy is onto something:

  17. Frank Lin says:

    I am all for beating up of Fischer. How dare he go after Cindy. We love Cindy. We need Cindy. I say, get him fired from all his jobs. That would be great.

    Concerned Franklin Resident is right. The Safety Organization Fischer is friends of is trying to get Sexual Preditors out of our city. We need these preditors in our city.

    You go Cindy and find out why he is connected with this discusting organization.

  18. Concerned Franklin resident says:

    Frank it looks like this organization is playing partisan politics on an issue that shouldn’t be going to that level. The safety of children should not be compromised by CFSW’s attempt to raise the bar for a political pundit like Fischer.

  19. BrkfldDad says:

    Beat up on Fischer? Heck, I’d be just as happy if Frank would learn how to spell.

  20. Whoa. I’m lost here. Guess I better figure out what’s going on! Can somebody translate?

  21. Frank Lin says:

    Wow BrkfldDad – Sounds like you might be Fischer. He often criticizes Kowalski for his spelling errors.

  22. RE: “Frank Lin” above (“Concerned Franklin Resident is right. The Safety Organization Fischer is friends of is trying to get Sexual Preditors out of our city. We need these preditors in our city.”) –

    Need anyone say more? That’s the level of reasoning going on: Kevin Fischer publicly wraps himself in the mantle of “saving our children,” so if you disagree with him, you hate children.

    Real deep, “Frank Lin.” Unless you’re a brilliant parodist and I missed the joke.

  23. Frank Lin says:

    Geez John, would anyone but a sexual offender really want sexual predators in their city.

    The exaggeration of my comments is to point out the movement of “Let’s strip Kevin Fischer of his employment” then he will no longer be critical of Cindy, Greg or anyone for that matter.

    Cindy has admitted that Fischer has offended her, refused to apologize and he has attacked her friend Greg Kowalski. So she is going to rid him any way she can.

    Sounds a lot like what her political opponents did do her in Brookfield. So she plans to use the same plan for Fischer.

    A woman scorned!

  24. Frank Lin, thanks for driving up hits.

    I have to ask how you feel about the courts ruling against Franklin’s law a couple of months ago. It pretty much made it useless from what I read.

    By the way, are you involved in CFSW?

  25. I think, “Frank Lin,” that you lack insight into the actual issues being discussed here.

    And, I can’t speak for everyone else, but I don’t want anyone to lose their job(s) or even their blogging gig. I just loath hypocrisy and disingenuous behavior and won’t hesitate to shine a light on it.

    I’ll lay it out for you (repeating a comment I left elsewhere):

    If Fischer is Master of Ceremonies at this event, it will be the first Franklin civic event or meeting that I’ve personally seen him deign to attend.

    Also, it will be another exercise in narcissism for a man who takes every possible opportunity to shortchange the Franklin School district – – with direct adverse effect on the community’s children, and MY children – – because he fears a teacher may be overpaid and his property tax could go up. Or an extra computer might be purchased and his property tax could go up. Or classes and programs for children with disabilities could be allowed to continue at each school and his property tax could go up.

    The same man who, because of his allegiance to developers who contribute to his boss and his party (and invite him to cocktail parties), believes SIDEWALKS are an unnecessary luxury. So our community’s children dodge traffic on the shoulder of overburdened roads and can’t walk to a park that’s four blocks away.

    And not a word from Mr. Fischer about how arbitrary developer-enriching subdivisions create a greater property tax burden than the demon schools ever could.

    Local bloggers who choose not to publicize Mr. Fischer’s star turn (because he has made it about him) will be accused of not caring about children. How do I know? Because I watched Mr. Fischer and his cohorts accuse Franklin blogger Greg Kowalski of not caring about kids – and insinuate WORSE – because they felt he didn’t blog sufficiently about the Steven R. Hanke sexual predator case. That’s how ugly it gets.

    A poor choice, unfortunately, made by CSW.

    What else do you need to know, “Frank”?

  26. Frank Lin says:


    You are welcome. I felt your site needed at least a few hits.

    You almost seem to enjoy the fact the courts ruled against Franklin’s law a couple of months ago making it useless. Does that mean you support getting rid of sexual preditor laws and allowing them to live next door to you? Or is that just for us poor hicks in Franklin?

    The only thing I am involved with CFSW is that I intend on donating the $50 to $100 to an unfortunatly necessary organization.

    Just like your friend Greg Kowalski is doing because he wants to protect his little sisters.

  27. My three readers and I thank you very much.

    Brookfield implemented a similar law a couple of months ago. (Please understand this statement completely…) I am as protected as you are.

    Laws that don’t work aren’t at all helpful. I feel strongly that they provide a false level of security.

    It will be interesting to see who the CFSW is writing checks to in their report.

  28. mitch from brookfield says:

    Cindy you were not attacked by some mean bully. I have read everything you have written and you admit you baited him to get a reaction. You got exactly what you wanted. For you to refer to his situation as putting him back in his cage is ludicrious. You have become a joke.

    It is really disheartning to me that someone who claims to love city and wants to advocate for the republican party would be so extremely petty. I know you can’t see it or I am sure you wouldn’t be doing it, but this is so pathetic Cindy. You look like someone who was left out of the party and wants revenge anyway she can get it.

  29. Franklin Citizen says:


    Too bad you had to take your childish behavior over here. You want 60,000 a year. Get a job! Kevin isn’t paid for his blog. He is paid for his job with Lazich. How very ignorant of you to try and turn it around and make into something of your own creation. Any informed adult understands the job description he has and the work he does for Lazich is separate from the blogging he does on his free time.

  30. I’m glad to see “Frank Lin” – catchy name, by the way, is reading my blog.

    As for this CFSW thing, it does raise some concerns with my family upon reading who’s their Master of Ceremonies.

    Otherwise I need to ask: Are these people “from Brookfield” really from Brookfield? Why state you’re from Brookfield?

    If anything, I feel Ms. Kilkenny can and should expand her boundaries beyond the lovely City of Brookfield. While I understand a lot of her Brookfield readers cherished her work on BrookfieldNOW, I hope they will see that others will also join in and be pleased that someone is actually taking up the issues others might be reluctant to take in other communities across the area – as she did (and still is doing to a major extent) for Brookfield residents.

  31. Franklin Citizen,

    I guess Ms. Kilkenny will tell us that info when she receives the computer records.

    And I do have a job – 3 of them, to be exact. How many do you have?

  32. “Kevin isn’t paid for his blog.”

    Hmmm… may have to consider that in the future.

  33. Franklin Citizen says:

    A little snippy Greg. I only need one job and do quite well thank you very much.

    You know you and Cindy are both making a lot of assumptions and speculation with nothing to back it up. I think that qualifies as slander.

  34. If assumptions and speculation equals as slander, then I should have done something about it months ago when individuals did that nonsense to me.

    And who’s being snippy? I’m just stating a fact. I’m extremely glad to hear you only need 1 job to make ends meet whereas I need 3. I just would like to know, then, why you’re scolding me to get a job?

  35. Nope. Not slander. Get your accusations correct or don’t play.

  36. mitch from brookfield says:

    Sorry Greg I didn’t realize you were in charge of handing out names. I apologize for not giving a street name so you could be assured I was actually from Brookfield. And it is your business why?

    You know there is a saying that there is a thin line between love and hate. You and your mentor Cindy seem to have quite the obsession with Mr. Fischer. Might want to see someone about that.

  37. Mitch, or should I say Sara? Go for it. Knock yourself out. Your game is well known but it won’t work here.

  38. Frank Lin says:

    Wow this is beginning to sound like Franklinnow.

    People unmasking fake names.
    People accusing others of slander.

    What fun will we see on a snowy night like to night.

  39. mitch from brookfield says:

    Cindy you really need to do something about your paranoia. You both need to get a freaking life. Amazing how people who disagree with you are shut out of any conversation.

  40. Shawn Matson says:

    “Get a life, Cindy.”

    Mitch from Brookfield: If what she’s saying doesn’t matter, then why are you here?

  41. Mitch/Sara – I’m sorry you feel you’ve been “shut out.” You’re still typing, aren’t you? Not one word has been deleted or edited. Maybe you can explain your accusation a little more fully so that I might better understand.

  42. Frank Lin says:

    Sounds like Shawn has a Love Connection going with Cindy.

    Sort of Spring – Fall thing.