Ta-da! TEN years of City of Brookfield Council minutes

All with consistent filenames, converted to .pdf format, and ready for searching.

Now I have to figure out how I want to store them on the Web.  In the meantime I’ll be pleased to look up anything you need.


  1. You’ve got way too much harddrive on your hands!

  2. Oh, when you’re done arranging them, could you give me a guess as to how many dozen cd’s I’d need to extract just the collected words of Gary Mahkorn?

  3. Only 15 meg, so one cd.

    I dropped a cd off at city hall this afternoon. We can always take a lottery as to how long it takes a certain Brookfield alderman to demand it for his site now that it’s a public record.

    If you have high speed I can e-mail them.

  4. BrkfldDad says:

    Unfortunately, he all ready posted them this morning (2000 forward) with the tag line – ‘This site delivers what others only promise”

  5. Oh, it’s not unfortunate. He’s kept those for years. I think there are some missing, though.

    I’m working on making these searchable, so wish me luck!

  6. You go! And good luck!