The times they are a changin’

Here’s a little viral marketing piece the Clinton campaign has out right now:

A friend says that this video proves Clinton supporters are “dorks and white.”

Contrast with this video for Obama:

Here’s the McCain piece:

I can’t find anything from the campaigns of Huckabee or Romney. Let me know if you do.

It’s not your mama’s race to the White House.


  1. Shawn Matson says:

    The Clinton one is a mediocre attempt to rip off the Obama video. I like the McCain one but man is it long! I don’t have that kind of attention span.

  2. I went clean through three lotion filled tissues watching ‘Girlie Boys For Hill’.

    Now that’s Message Marketing!

  3. That’s an interesting observation. YouTube but too long. Sounds like a miss from headquarters.

    I didn’t watch either the full Obama or the full McCain for about the same reason, though. Too much repetition on Obama and was anxious to get the post up when I was watching McCain.

    Yes, I’m goofy, but I thought Clinton’s was cute. Maybe it’s a girl thing.

  4. I thought the Clinton add was clever, but was obviously aimed at college aged people. She is probably trying to dig into Obama’s stonghold on this demographic.

    The Obama piece was alright, but too long as well. Interesting for the way they filmed it though. Thought that it gave it more strength.

    I fell asleep during McCain’s piece.

  5. “that ****** doctor”

    There’s biased editing going on in this blog!

    *Edited for language. Will go find the original now.*

  6. It was used as an adjective instead of a label, but I’m still somebody’s mom. And I have a particular sensitivity to “b” words used against women to sway opinion…