Are you a “tunnel vision” Republican?

Props to a caller to right-wing screecher Rush Limbaugh. He/she thinks it’s a little silly to walk away from the party if McCain is nominated. The caller coined the phrase “tv Republicans.”

Cigar toting Limbaugh has reportedly followed Anne Coulter by proclaiming McCain the worst thing that ever happened to the Republican party.

How big is the far right? I’ve heard 10%. Do you have any numbers? Can the party survive without this group?

I think so.


  1. Limbaugh could not possibly follow Anne Coulter. His medicine bag would make traveling via broom prohibitive!

    I think their are lots of conservative voters. But are any so senile as to allow Hillary to become elected rather than vote McCain?

    That isn’t resolute, it’s quixotic!

  2. Just remember Coulter and Limbaugh only make money if people pay attention to them. The more wacky they get, the more people pay attention to them.

    I remember an interview of Limbaugh on NPR (which was surreal in itself) a while back asking if he thought the divisive nature of his show was good for America or not, given how polarized the country had become. He said that he really didn’t care – he runs an entertainment product and as long as people tune in, he is doing his job.

    Something to keep in mind anytime you listen to any of the so called experts. Always ask yourself who is buttering whose bread.

  3. J. Strupp says:

    Limbaugh is just threatening to take his ball and go home. Is there anyone out there that thinks this guy will actually vote for Hillary if she gets nominated? I wish these entertainers would just relax, take a deep breath and realize that a McCain Presidency could be a very good development for a party that’s been hijacked by evangelicals and war hawks over the past 7 years. To be honest, as a Republican I could care less about Limbaugh’s whining and obviously the better part of the GOP who turned out to vote yesterday doesn’t care either.

  4. Maggie Milhouse says:

    Limbaugh voting for Hillary is as likely as Coulter campaigning for her. People need to be really careful when they make threats because they will be expected to follow through or lose all credibility. Just like Streisand or Baldwin leaving the country when Bush was elected.