Brookfield in the news

He’s alive! There is evidence in today’s paper that the City of Brookfield actually has a mayor!

An article by Jacqueline Seibel on combined dispatch quotes the man. The trouble with the combined dispatch facility was first highlighted by 2nd district Brookfield Alderman Bob Reddin early last November. The predecessor to this blog, Brookfield City News, made the subject a priority last December, and now in February the mayor manages a little press release to make it his own.

It’s too bad the mayor didn’t handle this issue prior to his push to cost taxpayers millions (and a few their homes) by unnecessarily relocating the fire stations. Mayor Jeff Speaker isn’t known for his ability to connect the dots.

Speaking of connecting the dots, his push to widen Greenfield road is going to cost taxpayers a little more than expected. He’s putting the Common Council in closed session tonight to argue the approval of funds for the project. Although the specific amount of negotiation might be a closed session item, as usual the mayor has influenced the city attorney’s office to put this issue behind closed doors. (But maybe now that someone called attention to it there will be a change?) This is one of several examples of the mayor bulldozing a project without thinking it through. Sorry taxpayers, it’s only $700,000 more or so to get what he wants.

Finally, there is a piece of about Robert Flessas’ home fire. There’s no need to speculate on this one. While the “real news” gives the spin, Fairly Conservative can offer this bit from the witness that alerted the homeowners of the fire:

“…I saw the flames shooting out of the chimney last night and stopped to let them know. It really was a chimney fire. If he started that, he could make a decent living as an acrobat–I mean that chimney is way up there!”

It’s why you read.


  1. Shawn Matson says:

    You know it’s a low news week when the MJS goes after something really inconsequential. Unless it’s Lisa Sink, then it might just be business as usual.

  2. Shawn obviously couldn’t resist a jab at Lisa Sink. That’s what’s getting Bob in trouble. Sometimes what goes around comes back around when least expected. Maybe Bob should stop fanning the flames with more rhetoric.

  3. I’m sorry, but after viewing his home via Live Local, I can’t help but not question how this guy went from awesome to broke.

    The guy’s home is huge, at least by Franklin standards.

    …noting that, it could serve well as a Bed and Breakfast.

  4. 1. Huh? Where was the speculation that this was anything other than a chimney fire?

    2. Bob’s right. Media scrutiny of your personal life keeps a lot of otherwise qualified people on political sidelines. But there’s a reason his personal affairs are appropriate news: If he can’t successfully manage them, should we trust him to manage ours?

  5. Tracker: it was a comment from an earlier post: “How about the fire at the house of Flessas? Sorry to hear about it, but thought it was strange that someone with a house in foreclosure would be planning on using the house as a bed and breakfast. Sound weird to anyone else?”