Huckabee posts early surprise victory in West Virginia

It’s complicated, so let me explain what I’ve gathered from the press.

West Virginia has a more unique system of delegate voting. Republicans there engaged in two rounds. The first showed Romney leading. The second called Huckabee the winner.

Strategic voting is not new in politics. McCain supporters realized after one round that Romney would win, so they put their votes behind Huckabee for round two. It put Huckabee at 52 percent. Romney is ticked.  There is now more fuel on the fire advocating the possibility of a McCain/Huckabee ticket.

The quotes in this article are priceless.


  1. Shawn Matson says:

    It wasn’t a primary, it was a convention. McCain directed his voters to Huckabee in order to stop what would have been a Romney win.

    Huckabee then made a deal where he would give 3 national delegates to Ron Paul, whose supporters lined up behind Huckster.

  2. Ahh, I don’t know. Can we compromise on a primary convention? That would be different from a direct election primary. Primary is definitely part of the description in my mind.

    “Made a deal…” can you document that?

  3. Shawn Matson says:

    On Ron Paul:

    On McCain:

    Ron Paul and Huckabee need eachother at this point. The media has all but discounted them.

    I still argue that it isn’t a primary.

    Here’s why, “West Virginia’s statewide Republican primary will occur in the spring but in an effort to exert more of an influence on the presidential process, the state’s Republican Party decided to hold a state convention today.”

    The primary takes place later, this is a state convention with 1,200 set delegates as I understand it.

  4. Oh, Shawn, you totally rule. I bow before you.