Sometimes you sit back and laugh

The latest dust up is becoming clear. Of course, I will soon be labeled as “against the safety of children” for even mentioning this at all.

There’s a group called Citizens for a Safe Wisconsin, Inc. They’re having a fund raiser at the end of February where Senator Mary Lazich’s aide Kevin Fischer is to be the Master of Ceremonies. They have local bloggers all excited and are asking for 150 people to attend at a cost of $50 each.

Big woo, right? Pretty much. Here’s the part where you can hoot along with me. The group, formed to advocate for stricter sexual offender laws in Wisconsin, is headlining a band called the The Boogiemen at their event.

Can’t make this stuff up, folks.

I can’t figure out who forms the group. The Web site is listed to Kim Vitrano in Franklin, the corporation is managed by Pellman in Wauwatosa. Other names from research: Sandy Maher-Johnson, Franklin alderman Steve Olson, Kristin Kaplan Wolfe, and Shari Hanneman. I’ve asked for corporate officers and the last campaign finance report, and just received an e-mail that an anonymous someone is sending my request to their “legal counsel.”

There are a couple of other things that bother me here. You’re welcome to give them your $50 or more, but you need to know they are a stealth Political Action Committee – a 501(c)4 – and not a tax deductible not-for-profit 501(c)3.

Here’s the little blurb on their flier:


Also, their Web site shows no disclaimer which I believe is required by law.


  1. Shawn Matson says:

    Since when do we need political action committees to convince people that they don’t want sex offenders as neighbors?

    My personal opinion here is that, yes, no one wants a sex offender living near them or their kids. But let’s be realistic–where do these people go?

  2. Sara W Brookfield says:

    Honest to God lady? Is this really where you spend your time. If you don’t know who the Boggie Men are you are missing out. What big conspiracy are you always looking for? Your blog started out okay, but really has turned into an embarassment. I am not accusing you of being against the children just in need of a hobby.

  3. No conspiracy – simply a giggle from an ironic observation.

    Can’t blogging be a hobby?

    No update expected after all. The Boogiemen lacked luster. Not to mention they have a problem with violating Ben Fold’s copyright…

  4. Sara W Brookfield says:

    Why not buy tickets to the event see what it is all about and then you can accurately blog about it all you want.

    Blogging can be a hobby but you obviously need somewhere else to put your energy because you are out of line on this stuff

  5. Frank Lin says:


    The answer is right next door to you. That is where they can live.

  6. It’s interesting that you find such a personal objection to a group fighting to protect the children of Wisconsin from sexual predators… I think your real problem is with some of the individuals involved with the group.

    Petty, very petty.

  7. It’s really more about the group maintaining the appearance of a not-for-profit when they are actually a Political Action Committee. The group seems to have little respect for the laws governing 501(c)4.

    I predicted that someone would slap me for being “against the children,” which you just did.

  8. Shawn Matson says:

    Hey Frank Lin, you’re actually right there are a few next to my house. Never caused any trouble, so I hope they are rehabilitated.