Wisconsin press drooling over Super Tuesday results

Neither party has made a real decision yet. It makes Wisconsin worthy of national coverage for our primary February 19th. An insider tells me that the Wisconsin primary has been a source of hope for the MJS since the New Hampshire primary.


  1. I find it amazing that McCain has “returned from the grave” even while being so close to it! I can’t vote for him unless 1)he picks a conservative running mate, and 2)he exhibits some health problems that indicate the running mate will end up being “the man”. If he picks Bob Dole for his running mate I won’t be surprised!

  2. Shawn Matson says:

    In a slowing economy, this is some good news for Wisconsins–it will bring candidates, press and revenue to the state–if not a lot.

    Advertising dollars, too. Every little bit counts.

  3. I believe we have heard here from our first “tunnel vision Republican”!

  4. Which of course brought out the board moron!

  5. Ok you two. Cool it. No name calling from either chair.

    Dan, I doubt it. El gato is very fit and not far from McCain’s age.

    El gato, I thought it was funny! I hadn’t heard that from anyone before.

  6. Shawn Matson says:

    Everyone I talk to is wondering when McCain is gonna croak.

    Frankly, McCain is my last choice. Republicans hate him, Democrats hate him, and polls are showing his independent supporters somehow believe McCain is anti-war.

    What alternate universe are these people living in? McCain is running on bad jokes and a military experience. Sounds like John Kerry, Bob Dole, George W. Bush, or any other of our latest burnout candidates.

    I will promise you this, if Obama gets the nomination he is going to stamp out McCain. 75% of Americans oppose the war. Once people learn of McCain’s stripes–his penchant for coddling the military-industrial complex (with our tax dollars, mind you) McCain will go down in a blaze of glory, just like one of the 4 fighter jets he destroyed.

    All this from a man who graduated 5th from last in his class at the naval academy (894 out of 899), received over 100 demerits per year for not shining his shoes, talking out of step and insubordination.

    Now before El Gato, Gerry or anyone else jumps on my back, I am only highlighting the fact that John “Son of Cain” McCain is not the glory rider everyone fits him to be. This is not swift boating, but a mere quickening of the facts.

    We all know about the Edwards haircut, the B. Hussein Obama, Hillary’s crying fit, and Huckabee’s… well his jeepers creepers peepers… so I think it’s high time that McCain’s skeletons emerge from the closet.

    Source: http://www.desmoinesregister.com/apps/pbcs.dll/section?Category=caucus&template=detail&candidate=mccain

  7. You seem to think I like McCain. Where in the world would you get such an idea? What have you been smoking?

  8. BrkfldDad says:

    Romney just pulled out of the race…. wow…

  9. I guess that means only Wisconsin Democrats will be having fun on the 19th.