Looking up Wisconsin Court records

The Wisconsin Circuit Court Access site provides details on court cases past and present. It’s where I’m looking to keep up with the Mike Sprinkel extradition process. There are regular updates from the various courts, so you have to check back often.

Click on the site, agree to the terms, and start your search. I entered “Sprinkel”, then “M”. There’s nothing updating the case. Keep in mind all that shows in Wisconsin is the extradition charge. I’ve been looking for a comparable site in Louisiana but haven’t found a free option. Let me know if you are aware of the Louisiana equivalent.

I’ll warn you, there’s at least one City of Brookfield alderman that checks this database regularly. No doubt he fed our favorite mainstream reporter the details about an known enemy recently. (Oh, come on, you don’t think she actually hustles a story anymore, do you?)

You can look up local officials. Brookfield Mayor Jeff Speaker is there for a lawsuit and divorce. (I still don’t understand how he’s managed to hide the fact that wife #2 was a snuggle buddy before wife #1 was removed, or that he has two adult children.) Elmbrook school board candidate David Marcello has a couple of entries for charges of “Negligent Handling of Burning Material” and “Battery”.

Of course, in the interest of fair disclosure, my short experience with the Wisconsin legal system is there, too. I tried unsuccessfully to extract justice regarding Brookfield Plan Commissioner Paul Wartman’s timely lie on behalf of Mayor Jeff Speaker’s campaign. I found out justice is really expensive, and I’d rather spend my money to be someplace warm.


  1. I have no idea what the process involves for extradition.

    Thanks for the news.

  2. I believe there was foul weather afoot in Milwaukee that day – 17″ of fresh snow was it?! Keep in mind that those southern states close down with less than an inch of snow on the ground…

  3. Confidential Mom says:

    So, what happened to Mike Sprinkel? Now, the court website shows 4/16 as a date. Is he ever going to be extradited?