Mr. Consensus loses another round

For you new readers, Mr. Consensus is the nickname I’ve given Brookfield Mayor Jeff Speaker. He promised voters a couple of years ago that only he had the skill to create “consensus” (defined: unanimous agreement) on the City Council. He said his opponent would be very divisive.

Last night  Mr. Consensus had to break a tie vote to go into closed session. Seven of the 14 Brookfield aldermen wanted the discussion on whether or not to fund the Town of Brookfield portion of Greenfield Avenue to remain a public conversation. Jeff Speaker cast the vote that slammed the doors on open government.

The whole thing is covered in today’s paper. It’s tough to understand from this article, but at the heart of the discussion were two paragraphs that changed the meaning of a resolution the council was voting. I’ll try to get the original and the voted version so we can compare them. In the meantime, read the article and see what it looks like to you.

Heard on the street today: “Why don’t we call up Muskego and ask if they want anything built while we’re at it.”