Thinking about a voting strategy

Since I will not have to defend my moderate Republican position in the February 19th primary, I’m thinking through a voting strategy.

Wisconsin has an open primary. I can vote Democrat or Republican as long as I don’t vote both on the same ballot. Jim Burkee is challenging Republican James Sensenbrenner for the 5th Congressional District Republican nomination, but I don’t have to worry about that yet. So, I think I’m going to vote for Hillary Clinton.

My decision is still tentative, and I can be swayed, but hear me out. First, I get to vote for a woman running for President of the United States. I do think that’s pretty cool. Also, I have a real interest in keeping the Democratic nomination as tight as possible through their convention. I think a vote for Clinton will work toward that goal.

Of course I’ll still be able to vote for the 2nd district primary for Alderman. No guess that I won’t be voting for the incumbent. We’ll talk more about what I’ve decided and why later.

Just heard on CNN by James Carville: “Excuse me for speaking while you’re interrupting.” I had never heard that phrase before. With his drawl, it was pretty funny.


  1. Hillary is a woman? Damn! Ya cudda fooled me! I wouldn’t cast a vote for her as a strategy no matter what. I’ll vote my conscience (if I can find anyone to vote for) and leave it up to God for the future. I’m a pessimist when it comes to our socialized people ever doing the right thing anymore as a whole. Individuals need to do the right thing and think of eternity.

  2. Lucky Lady says:

    A while back, I crossed party lines and voted for Jim Doyle in the primary, thinking he had absolutely no chance to win the nomination. I’ll NEVER cross party lines again as a strategy. Be careful, you might get what you didn’t want.

  3. Point taken. Guess it’s a good thing I stayed open on this issue.

  4. I tried essentially this same strategy when I wished for the Giants to beat the Cowboys so the NFC Championship Game would be at Lambeau. Guess how that turned out? Moral: Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it!

  5. Yes sir, Mr. Favre, sir. Thanks for sharing your lesson. It’s an honor to have you here.

  6. I don’t know Cindy…

    Even if some did cross Party lines and voted, I think Obama would come out on top in Wisconsin.

    The whole Chicago connection makes that easily possible.