CFSW, Inc. update

Attorney and Vice President John H. Pellman for the group Citizens for a Safe Wisconsin, Inc., refuses in a follow-up e-mail to disclose the legal directors of the corporation. I am forced to spend my own $10 to get the information from the state.

Do you think it serves the group’s goal to “celebrate safe kids” when they demand such secrecy?


  1. Nope

  2. Citizens for a Safe Wisconsin says:

    Ms. Kilkenny – My letter is quite clear; if you feel it is not perhaps you should run it by your attorney. The demand for a full and complete retraction remains. As for providing the documents to you, they are public records easily obtainable by you. I see NO reason to pay you the courtesy of assisting you in any way when you could not pay us the courtesy or have the professional integrity to contact Citizens for a Safe Wisconsin, Inc. or perform any level of reasonable research before printing your numerous false accusations.

    John H. Pellmann
    Attorney at Law
    Board Member – CFSW

  3. Mr. Pellman, I am not intimidated by your demands. I feel comfortable that I am within the limits of the law by giving my opinion. If you are still sure you have an actionable offense, I feel certain you will act accordingly.

    I did request information from the group earlier this week, but none was delivered. I have ordered CFSW, Inc’s last annual report which should be here in about a week.

    Hey, maybe you all need some help with public relations 🙂

    While I have your attention, can we have a conversation about why your 501(c)4 would exploit the fear of children being abused to market your cause? Sexual predators don’t always act on children. Children aren’t any where specified in your statement of purpose or in your name.

    Can you explain why your fund raiser flyer carries a clause that you are a 501(c)4 but doesn’t remind donors that donations are not tax deductible?

    Why does the group need to raise $7,500 if everyone associated works as volunteers without any reimbursement for expenses?

    Why won’t you disclose who you are instead of hiding behind a rather anonymous Web site? This is a perfect opportunity to prove me wrong and show readers how you have saved all those helpless little children through your efforts.

  4. Well, according to Whois, is billed to Kim Vitrano of 7820 Stonewood circle. I don’t know if that helps, but at least it’s a start.

  5. Robert Charles says:

    You guys are a bunch of rocket scientists. Don’t you ever think through the ramifications of what you’re doing.

    Here’s a group of individuals who are negatively impacting the lives of criminals and you want to publicize on the Internet their names and addresses.

    You’re some kind of stupid.

  6. A non Y Moose says:

    “WHOIS info is public unless diverted for privacy. It’s already published on the internet – that’s how he found it!”

    Then I guess you wont have problem with the following being posted. And will leave it up.

    Cindy Kilkenny

    Brookfield, Wisconsin 53045-2046
    United States

    Registered through:, Inc. (
    Created on: 08-Jan-08
    Expires on: 08-Jan-09
    Last Updated on: 08-Jan-08

    Administrative Contact:
    Kilkenny, Cindy cindy.kilkenny(at)

    Brookfield, Wisconsin 53045
    United States

    Technical Contact:
    Kilkenny, Cindy cindy.kilkenny(at)

    Brookfield, Wisconsin 53045
    United States

  7. WHOIS info is public unless diverted for privacy. It’s already published on the internet – that’s how he found it!

    Name calling doesn’t support your cause.

  8. At least this group is out trying to make a change and improve things. From what I can see the only thing you are interested in is trying to tear people apart and create drama where none exsists. I am sorry that your home life is so lacking that you feel the need to behave in such a destructive manner.

    I saw on the other site that you were offered the chance to attend the meeting that the group was having today. I am guessing though that you wouldn’t actually do that because in doing that you would have to admit there are no shady dealings going on. I would expect a post from you that this evil group you are trying to bring down did actually extend an inviation for you to attend their meeting. If you are interested in being fair.

    You like to describe yourself as a housewife with a hobby, but your behavior is much more sinister than that. I pride myself on being a really nice person who tries to see the good in people, but you are one person I can honestly say I see no good in. You throw out accusations about people you think cross you. You post some nasty comment about the mayor and his marriages. If someone dares come at you and point out your issues you try to sue them.

    I really don’t know what one woman crusade you are on and what you trying to prove, but you are an emabrassment to this community and I can only assume to your poor husband.

  9. An invitation by posting on another blog a few minutes before the meeting starts doesn’t exactly count for much. All I’ve asked for all week long is copies of the info I had to request from the state. None of the details have been made available.

    I don’t know how you handle internet safety, (that “safety” word again) but meeting a group of strangers in what is to me an unrecognizable location to discuss the activities of a group that I am unable to identify doesn’t sound too clever.

  10. What on earth do you think they would do to you? Give me a break. It is okay to post someones address on your blog, but you don’t feel safe going to a public place to meet a group of people who are organizing an event. Cindy you better come up with something better than that.

    Just tell the truth. You don’t really want to meet these people or participate in anything productive because that wouldn’t further your cause. Your facade is starting to crumble and people will start to see through you.

  11. Erin, I have no idea who “these people” are. I’d be pleased to meet with a president or even the legal counsel after reviewing their statements. Then I can begin the process of determining the group’s credibility.

    The address was reposting already public information, so I let it stay.

    Why are you so troubled by my request to have information first? And why are you posting under more than one name?

  12. I am not troubled by that at all. I am troubled by someone who tries to cause trouble. I don’t like people who sit back from the comfort of their home throwing out accusations, trying to make things look unseemly and seeing if something sticks. You either aren’t intelligent enough to know the damage you could be causing to people or even scarier you know exactly what you are doing and find it fun.

    For what purpose.? You claim to just want things to be out in the open. From what I can see they are out in the open. You have access to any information you want. It seems you just don’t want to pay for it.

    Why on earth would this group want any contact with you when immediately you started out with the accusations because you are trying to draw some line between the group and someone you don’t like. Get over it and move on.

  13. Not at all. I didn’t privately register the site because I use my real name on it. A lot of people know who I am.

  14. Robert Charles says:

    It’s easy to brush it off Cindy when you are throwing spit balls at people who are trying to do good work against dangerous people.

    Because people may view you as harmless provides you with a cocky sense of security.

    The group and the individuals in the group that you choose to attack are working on an issue that has very dangerous people opposed to it and interested in defeating their cause.

    Yes, you are stupid, arrogant and foolish for publishing information that could concievably cause injury to someone.

    It’s not name calling, it’s an assessment of your personality and your actions.

  15. I really don’t know who these people are, so I can’t begin to understand their character. I suppose you provide an accurate representation of the group’s tactics? Who are the dangerous people to which you refer?


  16. Why do you play dumb when you know what the answers are? You know what this group does. Someone from the group wrote quite a nice piece over on Greg’s blog today. You know exactly what this group is coming together for and it is an admirable cause. Why are you pretending to not get it. You may not know who sits on the board, but 2 of the , I believe co founders, put their names over on Greg’s blog. No one is trying to hide anything.

  17. “Admirable cause.” There are a lot of those out there. There are a lot of shady operations who prey on the sentiment of the need for children’s safety. How do I know if this group and their “admirable cause” is legitimate? Because they say so? Because they bully and berate me until I acquiesce?

    I don’t think so.

  18. “You guys are a bunch of rocket scientists. Don’t you ever think through the ramifications of what you’re doing.”

    I love the name calling as a way of getting your point across. Robert, I’d like to know who exactly these dangerous people are that are opposed to CFSW…are you referring to sex offenders? If so, I’d like some proof that these “dangerous people” actually pose a threat to anyone associated with CFSW.

  19. How have you been bullied? You were invited to a meeting they have posted information on your friends blog.

    Come out and say it Cindy don’t just keep alluding to it. Say that you honestly believe this is a shady group pretending to want to help the community, but instead pocketing the money or whatever you think they are doing. Have the guts to actually come forth and say what it is you have been dancing around all week.

  20. Robert Charles says:

    Zach, since you haven’t thought this through I’ll try to help you a bit.

    Don’t you think that any convicted sex offender who’s sentence has now been lenghtened due to Jessica’s Law might have a problem with the group? They may currently be in jail, but they have time… How ’bout their families? They’re out and available. How about the offenders who have yet to be caught? Do you know if the person who’s name and address you’ve now made very public has kids who like to play in their yard? How about the nut jobs who just may be looking for a target?

    And what possesses and individual like you to go out of their way to harm or potentially harm someone who’s work to protect children is well documented and who have recieved the thanks of your Governor and many legislators and law enforcement officers?

  21. Robert, I haven’t harmed or potentially harmed anyone. Perhaps if the person whose name was made “public” shouldn’t have made their name “public” in the first place, since it’s not as if I had to go to extraordinary means to find it. Further, anyone could submit a request (as I believe Cindy has) to get the the documentation that was filed when the group organized, which if I’m not mistaken should include a list of the directors.

    Robert, all your blustering is just that…blustering.