Friday morning wrap up: Mike Sprinkel, CFSW, the elusive searchable database

Wrapping up the story on Brookfield East teacher Mike Sprinkel: I asked the Elmbrook school district if I could review his personnel file a week ago. I admitted some personal information might need to be redacted. The school district never responded.

I have been in contact with three people pretty regularly on this issue. One told me an East softball team tp’d Sprinkel’s house with and odd assortment of feminine products and women’s underwear. I can’t get anyone else to confirm that on the record. The second relayed a story of a young woman trying to tell East administrators of her incident after the district asked students to come forward. She was told her story was too late and that she was trying to call attention to herself. (Only one side here, the district refuses to provide any information on this issue.) The third is interested in the Facebook shutdown of what ended up to be two pages about the event. The district denies any involvement. I am also told by a fourth contact that there was a legitimate reason to close the pages based on language users typed. That’s it for me on this one.

sand.jpgThe school district of Elmbrook is on notice that the third time one of their educators is arrested for predatory behavior it will not be a charm. Two arrests in two years should scare them to death. Right now it looks like administrators want to shove their heads in the sand. Guess what we’re stuck looking at when they do…

I’ve requested corporate filing information on the 501(c)4 CFSW, Inc. So far no luck there. I can always spend $10 and get it from the state, and I will, if this group doesn’t care to be up front about their board of directors. The state registry does show the documents are available. Transparency. It’s all I’m asking for on this one.

I may have lost my quest for a searchable pdf database. My last hope heads home from college tonight. If that doesn’t work, I’ll get busy on a page with 200+ links. You should have something to look up records of City of Brookfield come-back candidates like Tom Schellinger and Jack Shaw soon.

PS It looks like Charlie Sykes may have a new method for posting his “Hot Reads”.


  1. Citizens for a Safe Wisconsin says:

    February 7, 2008

    Ms. Cindy Kilkenny


    RE: Citizens for a Safe Wisconsin, Inc.

    Dear Ms. Kilkenny,

    I am on the Board of Directors for Citizens for a Safe Wisconsin, Inc. and I also serve as legal counsel for same.

    I have read your blogs (or responses thereto) of February 6, 2008 (8:02 pm), and February 7, 2008 (12:09 PM) “When is a nice charity no longer a nice charity”. There are a number of erroneous statements contained within these blogs which I would like to address.

    First and foremost, Citizens for a Safe Wisconsin, Inc. is not, and NEVER has been a Political Action Committee. Perhaps you erroneously were thinking of Citizens for a Safe Franklin, an organization which was terminated in 2005. An honest mistake on your part? Perhaps. The clearly stated purpose of Citizens for a Safe Wisconsin, as contained in both the Articles of Incorporation and the IRS application for Exempt Organization is as follows: “Citizens for a Safe Wisconsin, Inc. is a nonprofit organization run by volunteers and dedicated to improving social welfare in the State of Wisconsin by advocating for tougher sex offender laws and management programs in an effort to better Wisconsin’s citizens.” This is it, plain and simply. Had you bothered to obtain a copy of the organization’s Articles of Incorporation (a public record) for the state Department of Financial Institutions you would have known this.

    You state “The law written to manage a 501(c)4 organization is purposeful and complete. I could not agree with you more; and Citizens for a Safe Wisconsin has complied with the law in each and every way. If you have ANY evidence to the contrary I challenge you to produce it now, instead of passing off mere conjecture as fact.

    You go on further to ask your readers to draw some kind of line between Kevin Fischer, State Senator Mary Lazich and Citizens for a Safe Wisconsin. You seem to imply that somehow there is some underhanded activity or “influence pedaling” between the parties. If you have an accusation to make, make it, don’t attempt to disguise it by asking your readers to “Draw this line:…”

    Finally, I must address your statement about “fake do-gooders” who “…draws funds from groups that actually DO SOMETHING about children’s safety, not just hand money to politicians to talk about it…” Citizens for Safe Wisconsin, Inc. has not contributed A SINGLE DOLLAR to ANY politician! Further, each and every one of these so called “Fake do-gooders” is an UNPAID VOLUNTEER, who does not receive a single penny from the organization (not even expense reimbursement). In fact almost every one of these individuals has personally contributed hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to the organization. This is all in addition to the countless hours that each volunteer contributes to the cause of child safety. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?

    Now that you have been informed of the numerous errors contained in your previous blogs, demand is hereby made for you to set the record straight and retract each and every false statement. Any individual with journalistic integrity would do nothing less! I might also recommend that you talk to your own attorney about the legal significance of formally calling your attention to your erroneous and potentially damaging statements.


    John H. Pellmann
    Attorney at Law & Vice President
    Citizens for a Safe Wisconsin, Inc.


    cc: Citizens for a Safe Wisconsin, Inc.

  2. I apologize for confusing a PAC with a 501(c)4 and will make that correction.

    I have only your statement that no money has been given to politicians. I have no evidence of how your organization spends the funds they raise.

    I want readers to know that there is a unique distinction between your group as a 501(c)4 and what are commonly known as “charities” or 501(c)3 corporations.

    Ms. Lazich is a public figure. I only drew attention to what could be happening. I did not claim it was happening.

    I have called into accountability a group that raises funds without providing an explanation of how they are spent.

    I’m a housewife with a hobby. Before you start filing the paperwork you should check into how the courts have handled such cases recently. This site accepts no advertising and therefore creates no revenue. The courts have also ruled that journalists are not public figures. I am fully insured against any claims of damage.

    I look forward to the information providing other officers of your organization. A brief history might be nice, too.

  3. So if you happen to get it right you’re a “journalist”, but when you get it wrong you’re just a “housewife with a hobby”. That’s been convenient when you toss out all these unsupported innuendos and attempts at “gotcha” blogging on various topics in an attempt to be relevant.

  4. Jester, I didn’t say *I* was a journalist, but if Pellman chooses to argue I am one as he did above, the information is valid.