New toys

I leave for Morocco in two weeks. It’s pretty darn exciting. Last night I went out and found a new tripod and ball head at Mike Crivello cameras. I also picked up a new camera backpack, but realize I need something that will hold my laptop, too. I found what I was looking for and ordered that today.

I’m a teeny bit intimidated by traveling somewhere that encourages me to bring my own toilet paper. And hand sanitizer. And mosquito repellent of the super-deep-woods-they-must-look-like-birds variety. We are also warned that we should get creative with disposable cameras when in the desert because it can be too risky to bring out the others.

The trade offs are supposed to be enormous. Generous people with impeccable skills of hospitality; desert stars so close you can grab one. Snake charmers, markets for miles, crisp colors and Moorish architecture. Ok. I’ll take it.

There’s a chance I’ll have internet off and on. But what I’m thinking is that I might “hire” a guest host for a few days. What do you think?


  1. Uncle LeRoy says:

    A number of questions beg to be asked. You do a lot of traveling – how does one afford all this traveling without working? Second, why in the world would you go to Morocco? Why would you go anywhere, where they recommend you bring your own toilet paper? Who are you going with and how long will you be gone. As far as the hired guest host, I think we’ll be okay during your absence. No need to have a guest host, this isn’t that critical. You should reevaluate your vacation destination – why would anyone go there – just a lot of sand dust and hot.

  2. Well, I guess I spend what I have differently than others might. Travel has always been a priority.

    I signed up to travel with a group of photographers. There will be 8 of us including a pro. The photo trips are the only time I use a tour package, but this company does a good job and it’s a real luxury to not have to think about much more than whether or not the batteries are charged for your camera. To be honest, I didn’t know about the list of supplies until after I had written the check!

    I’ve never been to the African continent, so that’s one reason I chose it. I’ve also not traveled to a Muslim country before. Plus, Morocco is my favorite country at Epcot. (Ok, I know that sounds silly, but it is.)

    With two weeks to go it’s probably not a good idea to change plans now. I’m glad to know that you’ll be ok without a substitute.

  3. That means I’d have to be organized! I did post a few things on BrookfieldNOW once. WordPress has a FLICKR association – maybe I’ll give that a try someday. I always assumed no one else would be interested.

    One thing that’s fun about digital SLR is that it’s cheap to experiment and take a dozen shots of the same thing using different settings and lighting. I’ve also found that sometimes the pictures that don’t work for you in a traditional (say 8×10) sense often wow you in another format. The pictures used on this site are an example – cropped up a couple really surprised me. Also, I’ve made miniature 1.5″ x 2″ books that are a lot of fun.

  4. Whose going to keep an eye on the store while you’re gone? I don’t mind a substitute if they have your in-depth analysis. I can’t believe Uncle LeRoy is worried about your finances. He should instead worry about how the city spends OUR finances. That’s his business.