What to expect from the Swanson news

From Tuesday, March 15, 2005 (Brookfield City News)

Calhoun South Plan and Swanson School

Calhoun South Neighborhood Plan - Swanson area

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Here is a rendering of the current Calhoun Road South Neighborhood Plan. As you can see, Swanson School stays, but the play area is moved from the south of the school to the west. Last year, just weeks before the Swanson vote, the Mayor as chairman of the Plan Commission and the School district brought forward a road easement to be approved to the south of Swanson school.

I’m very frustrated about this road easement. I called the planning department before the vote (I may even have an e-mail) and asked if this road was new or a correction to the Certified Survey Map. Planning assured me it was just a “technical correction.” In fact, it was not. Later research (that I had to do on my own from the Library) proved that the road was a desire of the city’s but had never been granted by the school district. Voting for a technical correction is very different from being tricked into voting for a road that never existed.

While the Swanson sale was defeated, the City won a big one with this road easement. And so the debate begins…will the school district swap VK land for playing fields, or will they just live with a road only feet from the south windows of the school building. A road that goes straight through the current play equipment.


Monday, March 21, 2005

Swanson Road Reservation

Swanson road easement

The top is North. The road itself is 100 feet wide and lines up with Ruby Lane to the East.

According to the city attorney, “its placement on the CSM gives the City an absolute right to build a road on the land of another at a later time of the City’s choosing. It imposes no obligation on the City, other than the usual physical specifications that apply to road construction.”

The road plows through the play yard and comes within a few feet of the school building. Whatever VK’s plans are, you can bet when he’s frustrated we’ll hear him claim he already has “the right” to build the road. I’ve seen this guy in action before.

Sadly the planning is obsolete and shouldn’t go forward. It would require eminent domain of the commercial strip mall on the SW corner of Bluemound and Calhoun to implement the design. New planning should be managed before VK comes to the table.